Marty and Clara are a married couple who are active students at Edelman University and the respective hosts of Krake Phear and Rougaru Phear due to emotions related to a big fight they had.

Character History

Shoelien witnessed a fight go on between them in the park, saying she could take their cares away. They came into Aelin and Tucker's custody while the trio tracked down the monsters. They were able to defeat Krake Phear, but Rougarou Phear escaped when Galyn attacked Three Knights Stego Artillery.

However Juliette's health remained in flux as the trio get poisoned by the affects of Rougarou Phear. Dr. Kavora remained by their side as Tucker was able to make and antidote, however the monster grew (with Galyn not far behind). The couple successfully were able to set aside their differences.

Their respective Phears would return to challenge Rodrigo by Varyn's spirit.


  • They are the first couple where both parties became phears
  • Their names come from the Teleplay/Movie Marty by Paddy Chayefsky

See Also

  • Tetsuya Shirota-Sentai Counterpart (Marty, as the host of Krake Phear) from Ryusoulger
  • Sanae Hiiragi-Sentai Counterpart (Clara, as the host of Rougarou Phear)
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