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MSK-Mashin Drijan
Mage Driller Zord
Driller Zord
Pilot: Mage Racer Silver
Length: 75.2 m
Height: 37.0 m
Weight: 4100 tons
Speed: 350 km/h
Power: 20,500,000
Season: Power Rangers Mage Racers
First Episode: Subterranean Wonder
"Mage Driller Zord!"
—Summoning announcement[src]

The Mage Driller Zord is Mage Racer Silver's drill zord in Power Rangers Mage Racers. Before officially becoming a Mage Zord, it was originally known as the Driller Zord.


MSK-Shining Kiramaistone
Kyanite Magine Stone
Length: 10.5 m
Width: 16.3 m
Height: 11.3 m
Weight: 300 tons
Power: 1,500,000
First Episode: Treasure of the Inn

A large triple-drill tank with 4 crawler tracks and 2 grabber arms, Driller is equipped for underground burrowing. Unlike the majority of the Mage Zords, Driller lacks a stone mode, and instead has a separate Magine Stone, the Kyanite Magine Stone, inserted as its core. It also speaks in an alien language akin to computerized beeping, whereas the other Mage Zords speak clear human language. Built on Crystalia, the Mage Driller Zord can burrow at 100 meters per minute, and while combat capable with a rotating wheelhouse, can also transform into the Mage Drill Megazord for extra offensive abilities.

Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 13-18


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Mage Drill Megazord

Mage Drill Megazord
Zords Kyanite Magine Stone
Mage Driller Zord
Length 17.7 m
Width 40.0 m
Height 57.2 m
Weight 4400 t
Speed 350 km/h km/h
Power 22,000,000
Series Power Rangers Mage Racers

The Mage Drill Megazord is the megazord form of the Mage Driller Zord, formed by combining with Drake in his stone form. Due to this, rather than being controlled from a cockpit, the Mage Drill Megazord is controlled directly by Mage Racer Silver's mind, acting as a larger body for him. The Megazord is exceptionally strong, capable of lifting a Dusk Beast with a single hand, and can jab with its drill-arm.

Its finisher is the Drill Kick, where the Megazord leaps in the air and delivers a flying kick, destroying the Dusk Beast by boring through it with its drill-foot.

Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 17-18

Additional Formations

Special Drill Megazord

Special Drill Megazord
MSK-GigantDriller Giga-mori Special
Zords Mage Driller Zord
Kyanite Magine Stone
Mage Shovel Zord
Mage Trash Zord
Mage Mixer Zord
Series Power Rangers Mage Racers

Special Drill Megazord

Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 18


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