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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.
Madam Yuki
Gender Female
Villain Type Female General
Series Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas

Madam Yuki is a subordinate of Major Jambavan.

Character History

Madam Yuki's origins, and how she joined up with Jambavan, are unknown.

She was at Jambavan's right hand when he negotiated with Tauza, and she was the first to attack the Thinker when they finally made their move. Along with most of his other followers, Yuki followed Tauza to Chiratheon's lake and attacked on her signal. She nearly killed Alex, but he was teleported away unexpectedly.


Yuki is cunning, utterly loyal and attracted to Jambavan, in spite of their species differences.

Talents and Abilities

She can control snow, and transform into a giant snowbird--though usually that only happens if she becomes angry.


Madam Yuki's normal appearance is an attractive, buxom Oriental woman who dresses in white or cyan kimonos.


  • She is based on the Yuki-Onna of Japanese mythology.