MMPR vs. Steamy Meany

MMPR vs. Steamy Meany is a fan-created battle made by the YouTube user, MegaZeo, which uses unused footage from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Episode 22: I'll Make You Laugh.


The rangers are facing off against Steamy Meany when Rita and Zedd enlarge him to giant size. The rangers call for the Shogun Megazord to battle against Steamy Meany, but he is shown to be invulnerable to the Shogun Megazord's weapon as he can just turn to gas. He then blows steam into the Shogun Megazord's face, then crashed into a building, which knocks the rangers out of the megazord and the megazord to fall over. Alpha does whatever he can to help the rangers by summoning the Ninja Zords. Zordon informs the rangers that in order to defeat Steamy Meany, they'll need to freeze him completely solid. Adam then grabs a hose and uses it to freeze Steamy Meany. With Steamy Meany frozen, the Ninja Megazord is formed and finishes off Steamy Meany.

Differences from Kakuranger episode

  • Steamy Meany made the Shogun Megazord laugh and cry before the rangers are knocked out of it.
  • The Shogun Megazord dropped it's sword after Steamy Meany blew steam into it's face.
  • All the rangers used a freeze blower to freeze Steamy Meany, rather than a hose. The footage of the Black Ranger using the hose was reused from "Green No More".
  • The Battle Borgs originally defeated Steamy Meany, not the Ninja Megazord. The Ninja Megazord replaces the Battle Borgs as the Alien Rangers used the Battle Borgs, and also because the Kakure Ball was something that went unused in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.
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