Konchu Sentai Kabaruger
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Number of episodes: 54
First episode: Journey 1: Sting! Enter Kabaruger
Last episode: Final Journey: The Cycle of Evil Ceases
Intro: Konchu Sentai Kabaruger/Theme Song
Adapted from: Konchuu Sentai Kabaruger
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Producer Toei Company
Author: DemonicBeast
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Konchu Sentai Kabaruger (昆虫戦隊カバルージャー, Konchū Sentai Kabarūger), translated as Insect Squadron Kabaruger, is a fictional season of Super Sentai. The theme of the season is insects. It is set to be the basis for the season Power Rangers Insect Sting by DemonicBeast.​


90 million years ago, the Earth was home to the sacred KabaSects - a race of six legendary insects who brought balance and harmony to the land around them. In the present day, they are preserved in an ancient amber.

Also in the present day - the world may be nearing its end, for a threat to life as we know it - the dreaded mechanical armada known as the Vendo Clan - approaches, attempting to wipe every last organic life form off the face of the Earth.

In an emergency effort, the brave young scientist who has been preserving the KabaSects frees them from the amber and sends them to find those worthy to wield their powers and ward off the incoming threat of the Vendo Clan. These young heroes are the Kabarugers; their mission: to protect Earth and all of its organic life. With an arsenal of powerful weaponry, colossal GigaBugs, and a vast collection of Kabaru Cells, the Kabarugers brace themselves as the battle against the Vendo Clan begins.



Designation Name
Beet Red Hideo Tanaka
Stag Green Satoshi Takahashi
Dragon Blue Tadashi Sakurai
Fire Yellow Yukio Nakagawa
Butter White Emiko Yasutake
Longhorn King Koji Terada

Other Heroes

Designation Name
Cadavenger Prince Moto

Kabaruger Bios

Hideo Tanaka - Beet Red: Hideo is the son of the late entomologist Shuntaro Tanaka. Entomology has been a fascination of his ever since his childhood, when he caught and examined insects he found for fun. Hideo takes his duties as leader of the team seriously, but is also a fun-loving young man who doesn't let the little things bother him.

Satoshi Takahashi - Stag Green: Satoshi is an aspiring film actor who is somewhat of a braggart, but he means well. As the initial second-in-command of the Kabarugers (prior to Longhorn King joining the team), he considers that no time should be wasted when lives are at stake. He trains often, and rarely takes the time to loosen up and have a bit of fun. Satoshi is easily one of the strongest members of the team, although he slightly lacks in agility.

Tadashi Sakurai - Dragon Blue: Tadashi was a prodigy in his childhood, and is considered the team's intellectual expert. In addition to being quite a whiz with science and technology, he also is obsessed with various facts and pieces of trivia, which he brings up very often, much to the annoyance of most of his teammates. Tadashi likes to take his time in battle, and is quite nimble when thrust into action.

Yukio Nakagawa - Fire Yellow: Yukio is a comedian who performs on the streets - and is a natural hyperactive joker. He tends to crack a joke or two even in serious moments, but only because he can't help it. When in battle, Yukio enjoys taunting his opponents - mainly because he feels it makes fights more interesting and humorous to him.

Emiko Yasutake - Butter White: An aspiring dancer and performance artist, Emiko has studied every popular genre of dance and aims to make it big on stage. Ambitious, rarely quiet, and occasionally short-tempered, she also manages to be quite the user of sarcasm. In battle, Emiko focuses a lot on evasion - putting equal focus on both landing hits and avoiding hits.

Koji Terada - Longhorn King: TBA

Prince Moto - Cadavenger: TBA


Kabaruger Operations

Professor Tajiri:

Kazu Ikeda:



Airi Kameda:

Shuntaro Yamamoto:

Legend Sentai

Designation Name
MammothRanger Goushi
OhPink Momo Maruo
GingaBlue Gouki
MagiYellow Tsubasa Ozu
Zyuoh Eagle Yamato Kazakiri
Kiramai Green Sena Hayami


Mechanical Army Vendo Clan

Vendo Clan Emperor Monjix:

Astral General Steros:

Energy General Atom:

Weather General Terusa:


Other Villains



Transformation Devices

  • Kabaru Brace
  • Champion Brace
  • Cicada Changer


  • Kabaru Sword/Kabaru Gun

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Horn Blade
  • Antler Grip
  • Dragon Shot
  • Blink Lancer
  • Wing Daggers
  • Champion's Axe
  • Cicada Mace


  • Kabaru Omega ArachnoChamp-Oh
    • Kaba Arachno-Oh
      • Kabarobot Spider 
      • Kabarobot Scorp 
    • Kabaru ChampRobo Sento-Oh
      • KabaRobo Tatakai-Oh
        • Kabarobot Beet
        • Kabarobot Stag
        • Kabarobot Dragon
        • Kabarobot Fire
        • Kabarobot Butter
      • ChampRobo Senso-Oh
        • Kabarobot Horn
        • Kabarobot Moth
        • Kabarobot Wasp
  • Cada WarRobo 

Auxiliary Mecha

  • Kabarobot Mantis
  • Kabarobot Hopper
  • Kabarobot Twig
  • Kabarobot Centi
  • Kabarobot Shield
  • Kabarobot Ant
  • Kabarobot Mosquito


  1. Journey 1: Sting! Enter Kabaruger
  2. TBA
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  4. TBA
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  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
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  16. TBA
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  26. TBA
  27. TBA
  28. TBA
  29. TBA
  30. TBA
  31. TBA
  32. TBA
  33. TBA
  34. TBA
  35. TBA
  36. TBA
  37. TBA
  38. TBA
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  40. TBA
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  44. TBA
  45. TBA
  46. TBA
  47. TBA
  48. TBA
  49. TBA
  50. TBA
  51. TBA
  52. TBA
  53. TBA
  54. Final Journey: The Cycle of Evil Ceases


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