Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger
Number 45
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Knight 01: The Five Knights
Last episode: Final Knight: A Knights' Chivalry
Intro: Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger (theme)
Adapted from: Power Rangers Beast Knights
Original airing: 2023
Netflix 2014-1-
Toei Entertainment
Author: CureKurogane
Production Order
Hōseki Sentai Zyuseiger
Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger (騎士獣戦隊テンセイジャー Kishijū Sentai Tenseijā?, Lit. Knight Beast Squadron Heavenly Saint Ranger) is the 45th entry of the Super Sentai series. The main motifs are knights, Western/Eastern mythology, animals, animals. It is the second Sentai series to have a knight motif after the 2019 series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It serves as an adaptation to the 2022 Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Beast Knights


Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger was greenlit after CureKurogane came up with the idea of having a knight-themed Sentai series after Toei's Ryusoulger and make it to an adaptation of the original American counterpart, Power Rangers Beast Knights.


In this 45th entry, this series tells the story about five powerful and loyal knights who served the kingdoms with the help of five mechanical guardians called the Kishijuu. The knights were in a war against the Dark Royal Empire Chaos, a kingdom filled with demons based on Western and Eastern mythological creatures, bent on conquesting the Earth but was defeated due to the knights' chivalry and strong power. Now in the present day, five descendants of these brave knights are found followed by the reawakening of Chaos. They are given the KnightBraces, allowing them to transform into the newest Sentai team: Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger!




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Color Role Actor
KishiRed Ryousuke Shishio Shun Shioya
KishiBlack Ishiro Tetsuhara Kenji Ebisawa
KishiBlue Mayaka Mizugamine Rina Aizawa
KishiYellow Kaichi Oowashi Jun Shison
KishiPink Sumine Torabashi Arisa Komiya
KishiWhite Tamako Kumura Anna Hachimine

Valiant Kingdom

  • King Zalibar -  The mentor of the Tenseigers and the former ruler of the Valia Kingdom. 
  • Sarina Hakataminami - The twin sister of Muryou Hakataminami and friend of the Tenseigers

Oozorayama High School

  • Ryuzo Masamune - Masamune is the teacher of Kaichi and Sumine. He is strict but caring for his students.

Ninjuu Sentai Shurikenger

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Color Role Actor
ShurikenRed Kennosuke Akamaru Kenichiro Nishi
ShurikenGreen Hanjiro Hattori Sotaro
ShurikenBlue Namina Umino Suzuka Morita
ShurikenYellow Takeru Takamine So Okuno
ShurikenPink Hanaka Sakuraba Yuka Yano

Dark Royal Empire Chaos

  • King Chaos - The ruler of the Chaos Empire and the younger brother of King Zalibar.
  • Dark Knight Rugaro  - The right-hand man of Chaos and the first general of the Empire.
  • High Priestess Yuki'onna - The sole female of the Empire and right-hand woman of Chaos
  • High Priest Sphinxon - The main adviser and creator of the Dark Beasts.
  • Kumon Soldiers - The Kumon are footsoldiers equipped with bo-like staffs and can project dark energy from their hands.

Supporting Characters

  • Sanzo Shishio - The father of Ryousuke and the leader of the Shishio organization. Despite being the most powerful boss in the yakuza world, Sanzo loves his son deeply.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons



  • to be added



  • Kishijuu Sentai Tenseiger is the second Super Sentai series to air Crunchyroll and Netflix after Zyuseiger.
  • Tenseiger is the second Sentai series to have a knight theme behind Ryusoulger, but also the first series to feature a ninja-themed Sentai team as allies.
  • Also, this series pays homage to Ryusoulger due to its first part of the name being "Kishijuu" meaning "Knight Beast" while "Kishiryu" means "Knight Dragon".
  • Originally, Tenseiger was going to be called Kishijuu Sentai Chuseiger and later on Kishijuu Sentai Tensouger, but CureKurogane named it Tenseiger due to the name fitting the knight/kingdom motif.
  • Also, the Tenseigers were originally going to be a 3-member team (Red, Blue, and Yellow), but that idea was scrapped and it remained a 5-member team formula.
  • Tenseiger is the third Super Sentai series to be adapted from a Power Rangers series.
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