Kaiden Hart
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Stellar Corps
Power Rangers: Legion of Monsters
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Rise of the Alchemist, Part 2
Last Appearance: Race Against Time
Number of Episode
"Greatest Celestial Light! Yellow Solar Ranger!"
—Roll call

Kaiden Anthony Hart is the Yellow Sol Ranger, and the younger brother of original Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart. He controls fire, and is the oldest of the recruited Rangers at 23.


Kaiden was born and raised in Angel Grove, however, after his parents divorced the year he turned 3 (1991), the parents divided the children. Kimberly was raised by their mother in Angel Grove, while Kaiden was raised by their father in Briarwood. At sixteen he ran away from home after he was badly beaten by his older step-brother, and ended up in L.A. where he met a girl named Anne Steele. They bonded over the fact they were both runaway teens. She had started the East Hills Teen Center, and offered him a room, where he stayed for a while until he got himself on his feet, and he continued to volunteer there every chance he got long after.

Eventually, Kaiden became a Sensei at a local dojo, running that for a few years before applying to Stellar Corps. He was heading home from the Teen Center when he was kidnapped by the Alchemist and infected with a Weeping Angel. Knowing that his application had already been accepted, the Alchemist provided him with instructions on how to survive the Weeping Angel long enough to deliver a message he handed over, and then slipped him into Angel Grove with the other infectees. Kaiden did survive until being rescued, when he was informed that he’d been accepted as the Yellow Ranger, to his excitement.


Kaiden probably enjoyed his new powers the most, and he was rarely upset or angry in his time as a Ranger no matter how bad things got. He was rather surprised to discover that his “airheaded” big sister had been one of the first Rangers, but then he had barely seen her since early childhood.

When the Rangers finally won their war, Kaiden decided to do two things: visit Kimberly to catch up, and start a Youth Center of his own, probably in Angel Grove.


Kaiden’s a laid back, goofball type person, but not an airhead. He wants to be friends with all of his teammates whether they like it or not, and tries quite hard, probably for the same reason that he loves helping people. Out of all of his teammates, he’s the most likely to exchange witty banter during fights.


  • Gold Power Ring
  • Solar Axe
  • Lion Zord
  • Pride Zord


Kaiden is a Caucasian American, tall, brown-eyed and brown-haired, the latter worn long and ponytailed.


  • Anne Steele and the Teen Center are from the TV series Angel.
  • Kimberly mentions a brother in the Mighty Morphin’ Season 2 episode “The Wedding, Part I,” specifically as she finishes a shopping trip.