KO-35 (Karovan Outpost-35) is a planet inhabited by non-Earthen humans, appearing first in Power Rangers: In Space.


From space, KO-35 appears as a blue planet, and its surface is very like that of Earth.  Portion shown resemble a city in the Earth's Northern Hemisphere temperate zone.  It has been colonized by the Karovan Empire, and its inhabitants are non-Terran humans. Their tears have healing powers strong enough to resurrect the dead, and who have learned telepathy.


KO-35 is one of the original Power Ranger worlds, and the power of the Space Rangers was developed there, possibly by Zordon with the help of the KO-35 scientists.

Around the year 1996, KO-35 was invaded by a huge army, resulting in the near death of Zhane, and the abandonment of the world by its people (further rushed by an invasion of deadly insects, caused by Darkonda). Since then, the world remained empty, until the Space Rangers helped them move back home after stumbling across their new homeworld.

During his mass invasion of every major planet of the universe, Dark Specter had the Machine Empire attack KO-35. It was the death of Zordon which released a pure beam of energy that wiped out the invaders and freed the world.

By the year 2025, Earth and KO-35 had formed an alliance, and the Space Patrol Delta had a prison facility in KO-35's orbit. It is also possible that the powers of the A-Squad S.P.D. Power Rangers were developed there, as the suits closely resemble those of the Space Rangers.

Significant Residents

  • Andros, Red Space Ranger
  • Zhane, Silver Space Ranger
  • Karone, Pink Galaxy Ranger
  • Kinwon
  • Tykwa
  • Elandra, Orange Stellar Ranger