Joon-Hyung Chung
Joon-Hyung Chung
Jurassic Gold
Jurassic Darkness
Gender: Male
Seasons: Power Rangers Jurassic Blaze
Colors: Gold
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Enter the Hotheaded Knight
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: RM
Jurassic Gold
Jurassic Darkness

Ryusoul .Goldo
Jurassic Gold

Jurassic Darkness

Roll Call

Stealth Knight! Jurassic Blaze Gold!~Joon-Hyung Chung’s roll call


Joon-Hyung is a spy alongside Euphoria and he too serves Zarkon. He views Zarkon as a savour and the Jurassic rangers as evil.

Joon-Hyung is a loyal solider and will do anything to protect his leader, he hides his true emotions.

He pretends to be a friend to the Jurassic Blaze team in order to gain information on them but he comes to like them and he redeems by becoming the gold Jurassic Blaze ranger. He’s currently the oldest member of the Jurassic Blaze team being at 20 while the rest are just teenagers. Because of his upbringing he doesn’t understand emotions very well especially his and gets easily smitten when seeing attractive girls, one of them having to be Carlya much to Min-Jee’s annoyance.


Joon-Hyung is 20-years-old


Ranger Suit


Spy Suit

Mysterious figure


  • while being adopted into the Hernandez family, his surname is different because his surname was already revealed to be Chung and Alazne didn’t decide to change it when adopting him into the family
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