Jade Newman
Spencer Locke
Green Vehicle Squad Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Going to Start up
Last Appearance: Vehicle Score
Number of Episode
75 (Vehicle Squad)
1 (Miracle Brigade)
1 (Stratoforce)
Actor: Spencer Locke
Green Vehicle Squad Ranger
"Vehicle of Kindness! Green 4! Green Ranger!"
—Roll Call

Jade Newman was the Green Vehicle Squad Ranger of Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad, and the member of the Vehicle Squad Rangers.


Jade was an enthusiastic and bold person. She showed a tendency of never giving up, even when everything looked bad. She was also highly competitive; she annoyed the other Rangers by repeatedly showing off when beating them at games, and had to be taught that winning isn't everything. However, she also understood that when it came to fighting evil, failure was not an option.

She shows a mild joy when faced with the vehicles the Vehicle Squad team will use and attempts to act as a driver as much as possible; when exploring areas once morphed, she can be extremely excitable.

Jade is the Green Vehicle Squad Ranger of The Vehicle Squad. At age 12, she learns about the planes, jets, and helicopters during her school. At age 16, she's the youngest of the group, she became friends with Jacob Wilson, Randal Duer, Richard Quaid, Katrina Lewis and Rachel Pulaski. She was the best friend of Katrina throughout their friendship.

She has a cousin named Shannon Miller the Blue Truck Ranger who was part of her family. She also has feelings for her.


Vehicle Squad

Jade bumps into Shannon giving her a hug and making a short reunion. However, they can go out for coffee and shopping for clothes as well. Chameleonster Strikes Back

On the Emerald Deal

Truck Rangers steps in

Miracle Brigade



Jade was 16-years-old and she was Caucasian-American and has brown hair and green eyes. She wears green t-shirt, blue denim jacket, light blue jeans and light green sneakers sometimes brown boots and wearing the Green Vehicle Squad Uniform as usual.

Green Vehicle Squad Ranger



  • Rev Morpher (Green) - Allows Jade to morph into the Green Vehicle Squad Ranger.
  • Air Daggers - Jade's primary weapon.


  • Like Derek Newman, she and Derek shares the same last name.
  • Jade is the first female Green Ranger from Future Beetle's series.
  • Jade is the first female Ranger to take the position of the team's Green Ranger. Followed by Chelsea Sampson, then Alice Hart and Claudia.
    • She is followed by Mia (Green Treasure Hunter), Sally (Green Shape Ranger), Chelsea (Penguin Ranger), Alice (Green Throttle Ranger), Claudia (Aqua Surge Green Ranger), Jasmine (Green Reptile Ranger), and Camilla (Green Constellation Force Ranger).
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