Jackson Quary
Vital statistics
Type Fossil Park, Dig Site
Level Edelman University property
Location Jackson, New Jersey
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The Jackson Quary is an abandoned quary that Edelman University purchased due to a history of finding fossils at the site. It would become famous for the discovery of an egg that would later become the PetraZord.

Amanda had visited the dig site toward the end of the school year and discovered the Yellow Gaia Crystal. Seeing that it matched the one that was on her sister's necklace, they would travel back to Cincinnati and soon discover that there is a whole host of them.

Known Users

Edelman Geology Department



  • It is based off the Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park, which is only 4.5 miles north from the university in Sewell.
    • The Jackson reference could be a reference to Six Flags Great Adventure, which is located in that town.
  • This is the first quary to have a proper name in Power Rangers
  • It was the location of the Digger Zord and the PetraZord, this makes it unique as it can be proven that objects from different seasons come from the same location.
  • It lacks a true counterpart.
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