Jack Dawson
Green Knight Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Knights of the Realm
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Darkness Falls
Last Appearance: The Final Battle
Number of Episode
Actor: Ben Hardy
Green Knight Ranger

Jack Dawson is the Green Knight Ranger of the Knights of the Realm Rangers.


Jack Dawson was born in London, England and worked at a coffee shop. Jack was unhappy about where his life was going having dreamt of bigger things, but for reasons outside of his control he had to give up on those dreams. Still, he never stopped dreaming about one day being part of something greater.

Jack didn’t have to wait long however, when Sir Henry, an 800-year-old Knight weary from his travels searching for a new team of Knights to fight the evil Bellatrix, stopped at Jacks coffee shop for a brief rest. Sir Henry immediatley saw in him his untapped potential and asked him to become the Green Knight Ranger.

Green Knight Ranger


  • Morphing Bracelet
  • Knights Destiny Sword
  • Knights Destiny Shield
  • Green Knight War Hammer


  • Green Knight Badger Zord