It Bites
Power Rangers Samurai, Season 2, Episode 11
Written by Carmel's Hope
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It Bites is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Power Rangers Samurai Era.


Nighlok BloodTooth is seen biting the innocent citizens of Colorado Springs. The citizens that were bitten become vampires. During a battle with BloodTooth, The Green, Gold, Yellow, Red, and Pink Rangers are bitten, leaving Jessie, sick with a fever, to fight BloodTooth. During the episode, Ian and Chad try to bite Jessie so she would become a vampire, saying "There you are, come here!". Jessie is going with Billy and Kimberly to safety, while the citizens, including the bitten rangers are searching for the three, shouting, "Where's the Blue Ranger? We want a vampire!" Jessie analyzes the approximate time when the sun will rise, and the vampire-victims are seen in 1900's Victorian clothing and pale skin. Victimized Chad runs up to Jessie and nearly bites her when... she morphs and uses her Hydro Bow to shoot far distance to attract BloodTooth. BloodTooth appears and Jessie is able to shoot a green, red, gold, yellow, and pink arrow into BloodTooth, breaking the spell on the 5 remaining rangers. Chellby wonders why she's pale and wearing weird clothes. The 5 remaining rangers morph and fight off the vampires and defeat BloodTooth. BloodTooth is revived and he grows. The Rangers form their Megazord and the Gold Ranger forms the OctoZord. The OctoZord is forming alongside the Megazord. They fight Giant BloodTooth and win against him. The last scene is at the Cranston House whre Jessie informs the other rangers that they had been bitten by BloodTooth and she had recovered from her fever.

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