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Immortal Combat is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited.


Alpha must save Kimberly from King Mondo's sorcery.


When King Mondo's sorcery puts Kimberly's life in danger, Alpha goes above and beyond to save his friend.

A man goes to the Temple of Death and dies shortly thereafter. As the other monks are preparing his body for burial, it continues to age and disintegrate until there is nothing left except a pile of dust. It is clear to the other monks that dark powers of sorcery are at work.

Machina, having completed her mission, is discovered trying to sneak away from the Temple. Prince Alpha chases her and she narrowly escapes through a portal back to the Machine Palace. Piecing together the events of the day, Alpha surmises that Machina, acting for Mondo, put something in the water sack that was meant for him, not the man. He then realizes that Kimberly has the water sack and is probably drinking the remainder of the potion that caused the man to age into oblivion–and will do the same to her.

Zordon tells Alpha of a woman, Telandra (guest star Melissa Fahn), a sorceress who has defeated mortality and can reverse Mondo’s potion, which would grant Kimberly the power of immortality once she returns to her normal age. Unfortunately, the monks warn, Telandra is a friend to few and only serves her own desires, but Alpha decides to go see her and make sure.

Arriving at the Power Chamber, Alpha discovers that Kimberly has already aged almost 20 years from the day before, and the aging shows no signs of slowing. Their journey to Telandra is labored, considering that Kim is more than 60 years old. Sensing time is running out, Alpha leaves his friend at an abandoned temple and goes on alone.

When he gets there, Alpha tells Telandra why he’s come, but as he was warned, she is somewhat unsympathetic and unwilling to help. She tells Alpha that he should get used to seeing his friend die–since he’s robotic, he’ll outlive everyone he meets. The prince persists however, and Telandra finally relents, giving him a potion to reverse Mondo’s sorcery.

By the time Alpha gets back to Kimberly at the temple, she has been taken captive by Mondo. Unless Alpha agrees to face off with Mondo's warriors there and then in combat, the Machine King will keep Kimberly from getting Telandra's potion. It’s fierce battle, but once again, Alpha is victorious and defeats several spear-wielding Cogs (who barely have the strength to make it back to the Machine Palace) in just enough time to get the antidote to Kimberly.

With Kimberly back to normal and Mondo defeated, Zordon congratulates Alpha for saving one of his trusted friends.

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