Shattered Hourglass Mini
This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass.
Hourglass Facility is the original base of the Hourglass Rangers, conquered in a massive Akra attack led by the Queen and transformed into her base of operations.


Hourglass Facility is located in the Canadian part of the Rocky Mountains, safe within a force field to keep Akra attention elsewhere.  The main building is a tall, metallic tower, but it extends down into the mountain.  There are eleven decks: a basement full of generators and emergency portals, a gym/pool area with a special filtered bath for Aquitians; floors for military, scientific and Ranger personnel living quarters; a general living space including a cafeteria and a simulator; Akra Containment and Research; Hourglass Tech Labs; Sickbay; Portals; and on the top, Hourglass Ops.  This last room is walled with one massive cylindrical computer screen, the floor dotted with holographic emitters, so that staff can pluck images off the screen and toss them into the room, to manipulate them three-dimensionally.