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Hero Sentai Gameranger
Number 44.5
M-1 (Kawari)
Number of episodes: 52
First episode: Level.1: Amidst the Forbidden Vessel.
Last episode: TBA.
Intro: This Game
Adapted from:
Original airing: January 3, 2021 - December 26, 2021
Producer Toei, Bandai
Author: Zoey Zeffrey
"Let's game it out!"
Production Order
Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Nishin Sentai Zeroreinger
For the series' main character, Red Warrior, see Heishi Yamamoto.
Gameranger icon.png

Hero Sentai Gameranger (ヒーロー戦隊(センタイ)ゲームレンジャー Hīrō Sentai Gēmurenjā?, lit. Hero Squadron Game Ranger) is a Japanese tokusatsuIcon-crosswiki.png fan-adaptation of the Super Sentai Series created by Shotaro IshinomoriIcon-crosswiki.png, written and directed by Zoey Zeffrey, and produced by Toei and Bandai and aired by TV Asahi. It is part of the first set of series to be produced in the Kawari Era, and the first main series produced under the Kawari Era banner.

The series would premiere its first episode on January 3, 2021, joining Mashin Sentai Kiramager (and subsequently Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger after the end of Kiramager on February 28, 2021), Kamen Rider SaberIcon-crosswiki.png, Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy under the Reiwa line-up, and Ritsudou Sentai Vocaranger, Kamen Rider MimotoIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider ZIcon-crosswiki.png, Ultraman Technos and Phantorima Pretty Cure! in the Kawari Super Hero Time line-up.

The main catchphrase of the series is "Level up! Find your destiny and achieve victory!" (レベルアップ!あなたの運命を見つけて勝利を収めましょう! Reberuappu! Anata no unmei o mitsukete shōri o osamemashou!?)


Zoey confirmed and filed the announcement for Hero Sentai Gameranger on May 6, 2020[1] Though details of the show began being released up until October 12, 2020, proper details were added weeks after the show began airing, on January 24, 2021. The show began airing on January 3, 2021, as the second third of the Sunday segment of the Super Hero Time line-up, alongside Kamen Rider MimotoIcon-crosswiki.png, and Ultraman Technos. The proper logo would be unveiled on February 1, 2021, created by MP6.

On March 24, 2021, it was further announced by Zoey that crossovers for the March episodes and further episodes going forward would now include attempts at including crossovers from as many Power Rangers series as possible, though he has stated that the 2023 series was going to include a full-force attempt at a Power Rangers-incorporated crossover, with it being the franchise's 30th anniversary.


During the addition of new details on January 24, 2021, various new details were announced, such as the Super Hero Time cross-over movie, and a slew of specials and web-exclusive episodes, meant to appeal more to the online community as compared to just the regular episodes. These included Gameranger Special Levels ~Transformation Lessons~, which was created to replace the lack of such specials from Kiramager; and Gameranger Miscellaneous Levels ~Real Life Simulation~, which was designed as a short set of specials, in a similar vein to Kamen Rider SaberIcon-crosswiki.png's Separate Volume Kamen Rider Saber: Short Story Activity Manga CollectionIcon-crosswiki.png, and Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki.png's Kamen Rider Zero-One Short Anime: Everyone's Daily LifeIcon-crosswiki.png, though live-action as compared to the examples' anime format.

The third set of specials to be announced was Gameranger Special Levels ~Forgotten Warriors~, which was stated by YumeNoOboe to be designed to take advantage of what were previously unused sounds and toy-exclusive devices in the previous Sentais' transformation changers, the first chapter of which uses among many the unused LupinBlack, Patren 0gou and Patren -1gou sounds.


On February 25, 2021, the first Gameranger solo movie was announced, set to release at the end of March, titled Hero Sentai Gameranger: The Witch's Painting of Madness, one of the first horror movies developed for Super Sentai. The movie was designed as a tribute to old RPG Maker games of the early 2010s, the tributed games in particular being Ib, The Witch's House, Misao and Mad Father. Details were also provided for the movie-exclusive villains of the series, and a temporary plot summary was also released. On February 28, 2021, further details were provided regarding the cast, particularly regarding the announcement for the voice actors and suit actors for the grunts of the movie, the Mikrovlavis. More details were later unveiled behind the namesakes of the Mikrovlavi and the main villain on March 2, 2021.

On March 11, 2021, the second Gameranger movie was announced, and the first crossover movie for the series, set to release in roughly the first half of the second quarter of the year, titled Hero Sentai Gameranger vs. Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Mashin Sentai Kiramager. The third VS movie to contain three major teams after Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger and Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger VS Lupinranger VS Patranger, it serves as a crossover with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger and Mashin Sentai Kiramager, also featuring theme-related game tributes, particularly Bejeweled, GemCraft, Supermechs and TerraTech.

On March 26, 2021, the third Gameranger movie was announced, and the second crossover movie for the series, titled Hero Sentai Gameranger: Ultimate Battle! Assemble, all Heroes!. The first movie, and the first crossover between the Super Sentai series and its adaptations, the Power Rangers series, this contains one of the highest totals of warriors in one movie.


Fumei University. A place where the talents gather, the best of the best high school students, the creme de la creme, studying for a dream that they want to achieve in the future. While on one side of the first-year students, an amnesiac fights against an elusive faction of people who wish to take over the identities of the world, in another classroom, lays Heishi Yamamoto, a hot-headed brawler with the goal of becoming the best fighter and soldier. His dream however comes to a sudden fruition when multiple villains suddenly emerge from a virtual dimension, planning to take over the Earth!

The Gaidoku, emerging from the darkness of the virtual world of technology, brings forth a new set of creatures, none of which anybody has been prepared to handle! And with nobody able to fight this threat, five individuals are chosen by a mysterious benefactor to lead this crusade against the evil of villainy! And they, are the special Squadron, the Gamerangers (ゲームレンジャー Gēmurenjā?)!



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Main Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Red Warrior
Heishi Yamamoto Ryusei Yokohama
Blue Mage
Fubuki Hidama Tsuyoshi Furukawa
Green Archer
Yumi Isshi Risaki Matsukaze
Black Rogue
Mikoto Tokiwa So Okuno
Pink Priest
Ika Tanaka Minami Hamabe
White Gunner
Weiss Tsukikage Shieri Ohata

Temporary Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Yellow Assassin
Sakura Kayano (11) Mayu Hotta
Magenta Brawler
Asuna Ichika Osaki

Planned Rangers

Orange Ranger
Magenta Ranger
Violet Ranger
Cyan Ranger
Gold Ranger
Silver Ranger
Crimson Ranger
Gray Ranger
Brown Ranger
Navy Ranger


Fumei University

Year 1 Students
Year 2 Students
Year 3 Students

Kamen Riders

Designation Name Actor
Kamen Rider Mimoto
Sho KenboIcon-crosswiki.png Rihito ItagakiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Koutou
Mikata ShidouIcon-crosswiki.png Ayaka KonnoIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Shimei
Naomi WatanabeIcon-crosswiki.png Yumena YanaiIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Suujou
Sora HishouIcon-crosswiki.png Yuno OharaIcon-crosswiki.png
Designation Name Voice Actor
Kamen Rider Z
Rei SeijouIcon-crosswiki.png Makiko OhmotoIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Blossom
Momoko AkatsutsumiIcon-crosswiki.png Emiri KatoIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Bubbles
Miyako GotokujiIcon-crosswiki.png Nami MiyaharaIcon-crosswiki.png
Kamen Rider Buttercup
Kaoru MatsubaraIcon-crosswiki.png Machiko KawanaIcon-crosswiki.png

Super Sentai

Main Sentai
Showa era
Heisei Phase 1
Designation Name Actor
Kenta Date Hayato Oshiba
Kouichirou Endou (suit-only) Atsushi Ehara (archive footage)
Shun Namiki Masaya Matsukaze
Chisato Jougasaki Eri Tanaka
Miku Imamura Mami Higashiyama
Yuusaku Hayakawa Shigeru Kanai
Heisei Phase 2
Heisei Phase 3
Designation Name Actor
Gokai Red
Captain Marvelous Ryota Ozawa
Gokai Blue
Joe Gibken Yuki Yamada
Gokai Yellow
Luka Millfy Mao Ichimichi
Gokai Green
Don Dogoier Kazuki Shimizu
Gokai Pink
Ahim de Famille Yui Koike
Gokai Silver
Gai Ikari Junya Ikeda
Designation Name Actor
Akiba Red
Nobuo Akagi Masato Wada
Akiba Blue
Luna Iwashimizu Shione Sawada
Akiba Yellow
Yumeria Moegi Karin Ogino
Designation Name Actor
Zyuoh Eagle
Yamato Kazakiri Masaki Nakao
Zyuoh Shark
Sela Miki Yanagi
Zyuoh Lion
Leo Shouhei Nanba
Zyuoh Elephant
Tusk Tsurugi Watanabe
Zyuoh Tiger
Amu Haruka Tateishi
Zyuoh The World
Misao Mondou Naoki Kunishima
Zyuoh Bird
Bud Kohei Murakami
Designation Name Actor
Shishi Red
Lucky Takumi Kizu
Ookami Blue
Garu Kazuya Nakai
Washi Pink
Raptor 283 Mao Ichimichi
Designation Name Actor
Lupin Red
Kairi Yano Asahi Itou
Lupin Blue
Touma Yoimachi Umika Hayami
Lupin Yellow
Umika Hayami Haruka Kudo
Lupin X
Noël Takao Seiya Motoki
Designation Name Actor
Ryusoul Red
Koh Hayate Ichinose
Ryusoul Blue
Melto Keito Tsuna
Ryusoul Pink
Asuna Ichika Osaki
Ryusoul Green
Towa Yuito Obara
Ryusoul Black
Bamba Tatsuya Kishida
Ryusoul Gold
Canalo Katsumi Hyodo
Reiwa era
Designation Name Actor
Kiramai Red
Juru Atsuta Rio Komiya
Kiramai Yellow
Tametomo Imizu Rui Kihara
Kiramai Green
Sena Hayami Yume Shinjo
Kiramai Blue
Shiguru Oshikiri Atomu Mizuishi
Kiramai Pink
Sayo Oharu Mio Kudo
Kiramai Silver
Takamichi Crystalia Kohei Shoji
Designation Name Actor
Kaito Goshikida Kiita Komagine
Zenkai Juran
Juran Shintaro Asanuma
Zenkai Gaon
Gaon Yuki Kaji
Zenkai Magine
Magine Yume Miyamoto
Zenkai Vroon
Vroon Takuya Sato
Fanmade Sentai
Designation Name Voice Actor
Beast Eagle
Riku Yagami Ryohei Kimura
Beast Manta
Eijun Sawamura Ryōta Ōsaka
Beast Cheetah
Mikoto Misaka Rina Satō
Beast Bison
Tsukasa Mizugaki Yasuaki Takumi
Beast Swan
Shoko Sashinami Asami Seto
Beast Lion
Aoba Watase Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Beast Bat
Rin Okumura Nobuhiko Okamoto
Beast Dolphin
Yukina Shirahane Mao Ichimichi
Beast Wolf
Inaho Kaizuka Natsuki Hanae
Beast Penguin
Kanna Tanigawa Kaori Ishihara
Designation Name Voice Provider
Hatsune Miku Saki Fujita
Kagamine Rin Asami Shimoda
Kagamine Len
Megurine Luka Yuu Asakawa
KAITO Naoto Fuuga
MEIKO Meiko Haigou
GUMI Megumi Nakajima
Kamui Gakupo GACKT
Designation Name
Yuna Mizuno
Akio Ikazuchi
Koharu Doi
Hayato Igarashi

Power Rangers

Main Series
Designation Name Actor
Red Wild Force Ranger
Cole Evans Ricardo Medina, Jr.
Yellow Wild Force Ranger
Taylor Earhardt Alyson Kiperman
Blue Wild Force Ranger
Max Cooper Phillip Jeanmarie
Black Wild Force Ranger
Danny Delgado Jack Guzman
White Wild Force Ranger
Alyssa Enrilé Jessica Rey
Lunar Wolf Ranger
Merrick Baliton Phillip Andrew
Designation Name Actor
Megaforce Red
Troy Burrows Andrew Gray
Megaforce Pink
Emma Goodall Christina Masterson
Megaforce Black
Jake Holling Azim Rizk
Megaforce Yellow
Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
Megaforce Blue
Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Robo Knight
Robo Knight (flashback) Chris Auer
Designation Name Actor
Super Megaforce Red
Troy Burrows Andrew Gray
Super Megaforce Pink
Emma Goodall Christina Masterson
Super Megaforce Green
Jake Holling Azim Rizk
Super Megaforce Yellow
Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
Super Megaforce Blue
Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Super Megaforce Silver
Orion Cameron Jebo
Fanmade Series
Ranger Designation Name Voice Actor
Quest Warrior Red
Izuru Hitachi Hiroki Aiba
Quest Warrior Blue
Rachel Hishikawa Minako Kotobuki
Quest Warrior Yellow
Mochizo Oji Atsushi Tamaru
Quest Warrior Green
Izuku Midoriya Daiki Yamashita
Quest Warrior Pink
Yoshino Koharu Ayaka Nanase
Quest Warrior Gold
Touka Kirishima Sora Amamiya
Designation Name
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Red
Will Ashcroft
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Blue
Kurt Nemeth
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Yellow
Sally McKnight
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Orange
Austin Glencross
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Purple
Monique Kingston
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Silver
Ralph Rodriguez
Designation Name
Red Phantom Ranger
Danny Fenton
Blue Phantom Ranger
Baron Jones
Yellow Phantom Ranger
Sam Manson
Green Phantom Ranger
Tucker Foley
Pink Phantom Ranger
Kyra Powell
Designation Name Voice Actor
Red Hawk Ranger
Johnny Miller Jamie Haydon-Devlin
Blue Shark Ranger
Lok Lambert Yuri Lowenthal
Yellow Tiger Ranger
Jinja Karen Staussman
Green Rhino Ranger
Herry Ty Olsson
Pink Flamingo Ranger
Kai Green Bettina Bush
Black Lion Ranger
Josh Kirkpatrick Kirby Morrow
White Penguin Ranger
Bridgette Kristin Fairlie
Violet Snake Ranger
Circe Tara Sands




Designation Name Voice Actor
The Eternal Archfiend
Eternal Archfiend Pandora Show Hayami
TV Show
Designation Name Voice Actor
The Roaring Dragon
Roaring Dragon Gozenryu Fumihiko Tachiki
The Frozen Tower
Frozen Tower Toketsu Rie Kugimiya
The Marching Cannon
Marching Cannon Koshintaiho Kohsuke Toriumi
The Sleeping Flower
Sleeping Flower Hananemuri Saori Hayami
The Monstrous Claw
Monstrous Claw Kaijutsume Mitsuru Miyamoto
The Magic Demon
Magic Demon Akumajikku Yuka Inokuchi
Designation Name Voice Actor
The Ancient Superweapon
Ancient Superweapon Kodaibuki Tomohiro Ichikawa



Main article: Arsenal (Gameranger)

Transformation Devices



Main article: Mecha (Gameranger)





Main article: :Category:Hero Sentai Gameranger episodes

The episodes in this Sentai season are referred to as Levels (レベル Reberu?). This is the first time this particular term has been used to categorize Sentai episodes.

The series is also divided into four major arcs, in a similar vein to its Kamen Rider counterpart, Kamen Rider MimotoIcon-crosswiki.png. The arc lists are as follows:

CHAPTER.001: 虛擬世界
  • Episodes 1 - 13: Heishi Yamamoto, a hot-headed brawler with the goal of becoming the best fighter and soldier, finds himself suddenly thrown into his dream when multiple villains suddenly emerge from a virtual dimension, planning to take over the Earth! Chosen by the Yuugi Virtual Research Center alongside four other individuals, a squadron is formed to combat this digital threat!
CHAPTER.002: 暗網陰影
  • Episodes 14 - 26: As the Gamerangers discover valuable data on the Gaidoku, their true origin comes into light, as the shadowy leader of the Gaidoku makes further moves, becoming the chessmaster of the shadows. However, the Gamerangers are not alone, for their sixth permanent Ranger makes her shine through the light! But does she carry any secrets that are ripe for the taking?
  1. Level.1: Amidst the Forbidden Vessel. (レベル1:禁断の船の中で。 Reberu 1: Kindan no Fune no Naka de.?)
  2. Level.2: Grasping for Earth's End! (レベル2:地球の終わりを掴む! Reberu 2: Chikyū no Owari o Tsukamu!?)
  3. Level.3: Reaching for the Ultimate Level! (レベル3:究極のレベルに到達! Reberu 3: Kyūkyoku no Reberu ni Tōtatsu!?)
  4. Level.4: Dance to the Rhythm! (レベル4:リズムに合わせて踊る! Reberu 4: Rizumu ni awa Sete Odoru!?)
  5. Level.5: Warning! The Breakout Invader? (レベル5:警告!ブレイクアウトインベーダー? Reberu 5: Keikoku! Bureikuauto Inbēdā??)
  6. Level.6: Breaking the Icy Exterior (レベル6:氷のような外観を壊す Reberu 6: Kōri no Yōna Gaikan o Kowasu?)
  7. Level.7: Jump Up, Super Star! (レベル7:ジャンプアップ、スーパースター! Reberu 7: Janpu Appu, Sūpāsutā!?)
  8. Level.8: Real Times, Sharp Minds (レベル8:リアルタイム、鋭い心 Reberu 8: Riaru Taimu, Surudoi Kokoro?)
  9. Level.9: The Delinquent's Wrestling Streak (レベル9:滞納者のレスリングストリーク Reberu 9: Tainō-sha no Resuringu Sutorīku?)
  10. Level.10: Through the Space's Treasures! (レベル10:宇宙の宝物を通して! Reberu 10: Uchū no Takaramono o Tōshite!?)
  11. Level.11: The Greatest Runner of the Century?! (レベル11:世紀の最も偉大なランナー?! Reberu 11: Seiki no Mottomo Idaina Ran'nā?!?)
  12. Level.12: Cross into the Island of Danger! (レベル12:危険の島に渡ります! Reberu 12: Kiken no Shima ni Watarimasu!?)
  13. Level.13: Awaken the Animated Beast Instinct! (レベル13:生きた獣の本能を目覚めさせよう! Reberu 13: Ikita Kemono no Hon'nō o Mezame Saseyou!?)
  14. Level.14: Hail the Shining Bullet Queen! (レベル14:輝く弾丸の女王を雹! Reberu 14: Kagayaku Dangan no Joō o Hyō!?)
  15. Level.15: For the Extinction of Chivalry (レベル15:騎士道の絶滅のために Reberu 15: Kishi-dō no Zetsumetsu no Tame ni?)
  16. Level.16: Let the Roars Scream High! (レベル16:咆哮を高く叫びましょう! Reberu 16: Hōkō o Takaku Sakebimashou!?)
  17. Level.17: Freeze, for the Mage of Blizzards (レベル17:ブリザードの魔道士のためのフリーズ Reberu 17: Burizādo no Madō-shi no Tame no Furīzu?)




Opening Theme
Ending Theme


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Voice Actors

Suit Actors

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