KSR-Dullahan Minosaur
Season Dino Knights
Height 186 cm
Weight 282 kg
"Heads are gonna roll!"

Headler is a Dullahan-themed Mysticron monster from the Conquerons, created from the negative emotions of Trey, based on his self-centered belief that his failure to get a girlfriend is not his fault.

Character History


Powers and Abilities

  • Dermal Armor: Headler possesses an innate armor as part of its body, which is resistant to attacks, harm or pain to a certain degree.
  • Power Replication: Headler can mimic & replicate the powers of the Dino Knight Rangers' Dino Armors.
    • Energy Slash: Headler can unleash dark-green energy slashes from its arm blades after observing the Dino Power Armor's ability.
    • Superspeed: Headler can move at superspeed after observing the Dino Speed Armor's ability.
  • Blinding Light: Headler can cast a flashing light that blinds only women that can't stand its host Trey's narcissism.


  • Arm Chines: Headler wields a scythe chine on each arm & one as a tail, but it utilizes its arm blades for combat.


  • Power Dilution: After Trey accepted his fault, Headler's power diminished & lost its blinding light ability.

Mysticron Info

  • Mysticron Attribute: Undead Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Reversal Battlefield
  • Experience Point: 974

Behind the Scenes


  • to be added


  • This Mysticron is based on the Dullahan, a type of fairy in Irish mythology that resembles a headless horseman.
  • Headler is also the third Mysticron to not be enlarged the first being Liztwist & second being Kelper.

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