Gender Male
Villain Type Technical Advisor
Species Mayishan Undead
Series Power Rangers: Star Force
Haxlax is an undead creature serving Empress Quita, and the one who reincarnates her monsters for service.

Character History

Haxlax was one of the first five members of the rebellion to reincarnate in the Dark Graveyard. The Empress quickly put him to work, sending him and Gevlant to Earth for their first attack. Haxlax did well against the new Yellow Ranger, but Gevlant soon called a retreat.

Haxlax fought the Yellow Ranger again during Queen Ellikacha's kidnapping, defeating her once again. For most of the war, he simply obeyed orders, but he suggested using Zelter the Great, an idea which Quita promptly stole.


Haxlax doesn't seem to take the battle against the Rangers as seriously as his fellows.

Talents and Abilities

Haxlax wielded a metal rod to reincarnate monsters from their graves, and could spit acid. His liquid body also made him very difficult to hit.


Haxlax is a green blob.