NJK Killbrero
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Dino Charge
Homeworld: Space
First Appearance: A Greener Birdonic Beam
Last Appearance: Dino Charged,pt.2
Number of Episode
Actor: Mark Wright

Happyling is the new happy general of the Emoneytion Army.


Happyling is created by Dollaraos to be Joyra's replacement. First seen as a white-cloaked faceless figure, he soon manifest a face mask to signify his role in taking over Joyra's duty to reach the quota of joy needed to complete Emoneytion Master's resurrection before later serving as Dollaraos' enforcers alongside Grudgeta. In battle, he uses the Joy Trumpet, with which he can utilize sound-based attacks with Francry or by himself. He enlarges himself near the finale and takes on the Dino Charge Zords and he is seemingly defeated by Purple PlesioZord. However, surviving the attempt on his life, Happyling enters the Dino Base to destroy it from the inside before being destroyed for real by the combined efforts of Dan, Baron, and Parry.


  • Happyling is a portmanteau of happy (the emotion he represents) and Schilling

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