Gender Male
Seasons Power Rangers Olympian Force (Spidey-Cents version)
Villain Type Leader
Homeworld Earth
Species Greek God
First Appearance Power of the Pantheon
Last Appearance The Alpha and the Omega
Number of Episode Appearances 33

Hades is the villian of Power Rangers Olympian Force.

Character History

First Great War

Hades was one of the children eaten by Cronus and rescued by Zeus, Hades' younger brother. He joined the other Greek Gods in their war with Cronus, and was part of the reason they were victorious.

Lord of the Underworld

Having defeated Cronus and sending him and his titan allies to Tartarus, the three main Gods, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, met to decide who would rule what part of the Earth. Zeus won the Skies, Poseidon won the Oceans and Hades was left with the Underworld. Furious at his poor luck and his brother's better fortune, Hades swore revenge on the Gods and the Earth they now ruled. He sent monster after monster, but the Greek Gods used their powers as the Olympian Rangers to beat them back. Hades came up with a new strategy: wait for belief in the Gods to die, and then take over the Earth when they were gone.


Hades is quick to anger, quickly getting enraged when things don't go according to plan. He is also crafty and has a tactical mind, taking weaknesses the Rangers show and selecting the best monster to take advantage of that weakness. His combination of brains and magical power makes him a viable threat to the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

Hades has the power to create portals of blue fire, but cannot create the fire himself. He relies on his mystic brazier next to his throne to create the fire that he can then shape.

Hades can also use the mystical properties of the fire to make monsters grow once defeated.

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