Ha Chuu Sentai Scaleranger x Moujuu Sentai Furranger (Reptile Squadron Scaleranger x Mammal Squdron Furranger) is the 50th series of Super Sentai. It’s a Yin-Yang theme and relationships, with two teams: A reptile themed all male team and a mammal themed all female team.




Ryu Blue/Shin

Alligator Black/Ken

Sea Turtle Green/Kaze

Cobra Purple/Harris

Grey Chameleon/Zhang Wei

Navy Serpent/Ikki Umi

Tyranno Silver/Emiya Ryu


Tiger Red/Any

Wolf White/Asuka

Wooly Rhino Yellow/Serra

Bat Orange/Zina Dunja

Seal Pink/Sakura

Pegasus Crimson/Stella Crimson

Lion Gold/Morgana Arthur



  • The Rangers in this series is based on shipping charecters from most manga and/or anime’s.
    • Shin and Any are based on Shinji and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    • Ken and Asuka are based on Kirito and Asuna from SAO.
    • Kaze and Sera are based on Kazuya and Satellizer from Freezing.
    • Harris and Zina are based on Hiro and Zero 2 from Darling in a Franxx.
    • Zhang and Sakura are based on Sakura and Sharon from Card Captor Sakura.
    • Ikki and Stella are based on Ikki and Stella from Chillvery of a Faild Knight.
    • Emiya and Morgana are based on Shirou and Artoria from Fate Stay Night.
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