Guardians Squad
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Number of episodes: 25
First episode: Ep 1: We Go Guardians Transformations
Last episode: Finale: We Will Take That Power For Life
Intro: Guardians Squad/Theme Song
Adapted from:
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Author: Raihan991
Production Order
[[tetsujin sentai gozeroger]]
[[legend sentai gokeyger]]
adaptation from kamen rider gaim


earth coporation make mass product pad for sale.that pad have power for defeat fruit killer monster team named lockster that want to invading city named malang but a middle schooler boy named yuichi buy 1 pad that he want to save his friend and the city 


guardian red 'Yuichi takato'
guardian blue shiramine takai
guardian green wei shinma
guardian white shin sakuretsu
guardian brown yui takato
guardian black nagato kai
guardian gold atshushi kai
guardian silver akagi kai
guardian dark renn sakuretsu
guardian purple dark yuichi takato
guardian knight wei shinma
guardian dark blue

new generation guardians

new guards white  daichi takato
new guards blue professor ryo
new guards pink reika nami
new guards green pad dealer
armored guard black nagato kai


hayato key


master pad


guardians pad

pad belt

gun saber

orange saber

future arrow


king sword

king lance

king fish

dark troopers


watermelon zord

samurai armor 

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