Gojuu Sentai Bakuranger
Number 40
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: Awaken! The Five Beasts of the Earth!
Last episode: N/A
Intro: Gojuu Sentai Bakuranger Opening
Adapted from: N/A
Original airing: February 2016 - January 2017
Author: StarTeen2000
Production Order
Seijin Sentai KnightRanger
Sokudo Sentai Driveranger

Gojuu Sentai Bakuranger (五獣戦隊バクレンジャー Gojū Sentai Bakurenjā?, translated as Five Beast Squadron Bakuranger) is a Sentai fanseries created by StarTeen2000. It shares an animal motif with Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and Juuken Sentai Gekiranger, but is inspired by Gaoranger. It features the Bakurangers, four humans and one jungle man who use the Gojuuken to battle the Hell Tribe Hyakujuu, who are trying to recreate the world in their own image.


Thousands of years ago, an evil tribe called the Hyakujuu attacked the Earth, seeking into reshaping all humanity into their image. In a mystical jungle called Animalia, High Priest Sagao summoned five animal avatars called the Fivebeasts, and five mystical swords called the Gojuuken, as well as five young warriors to fight the Hyakujuu. Miraculously, they were able to defeat the Hyakujuu, suppressing their power.

In the present day, The Hyakujuu resurfaces onto Earth, and Sagao was able to find a new warrior. He gives him the four Gojuuken and orders him to find four warriors to fight the Hyakujuu as the Gojuu Sentai Bakuranger.



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Red Lion Jousuke
Black Wolf Shichirou Okamigawa
Blue Dolphin Megumi Irukaki
Yellow Eagle Souta Washise
Pink Lynx Ayuka Yamaneko

Animalia Allies

Tendou Prep Senior High School


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Hell Tribe Hyakujuu

Jigokujuu Sentai Hyakuranger

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HyakuRed Dragon Demon Knight Ryuujin
HyakuBlack Sphinx Demon Knight Shishio
HyakuBlue Serpent Demon Princess Hebina
HyakuYellow Phoenix Demon Knight Hououjuu
HyakuPink Bakeneko Demon Princess Torako


Transformation Device

Sidearm Weapon

Personal Weapons


  • Gojuu Racers
  • Lion Buggy


    • GojuuJaguar
    • GojuuBull
    • GojuuOrca
    • GojuuFalcon
    • GojuuTiger


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