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Gijutsu Sentai Techno Ranger
Number 1
Number of episodes: 30
First episode: A Techno Beginning
Last episode: The Shutdown
Intro: Gijutsu Sentai Techno Ranger/Theme Song
Adapted from: Power Rangers Syber
Original airing: 2015
Producer Toei Animation
Author: Sonic Flash

& Box of Kratos

Syber Rangers
"Technogenic Power, Now!"
Production Order
Gijutsu Sentai Technoranger (Technology Squadron Technoranger) is a series requested by Box of Kratos and created by Sonic Flash. It's based on Power Rangers Syber, which was created by Box of Kratos.


In a world where technology made one of it's biggest advancements, crimes also reached their limits. A scientist named Dr. Osaka built himself as a robot and created an army full of robots so that he can loot the resources of the planet and conquer it.

To prevent this hap, there was one hope: a special police organization called the Techno Squad. The organization recruited five young teenagers to fight the crimes by becoming the Gijutsu Sentai Technoranger. 



Syber Rangers

TechnoRed Takeru Kai Nohara 
TechnoBlue Kenji Matasaki Nohara
TechnoGreen Shinosuke Yoshiki
TechnoBlack Takemoto Yoshirou
TechnoYellow Takeshi Sakamoto
TechnoSteel Fudou Joshirou Nanohana


  • X-treme Empire
    • Knight BakuChi
    • Gokamoru
    • Zeltar
    • Lady Gold


  • Potato Knights: Primary footsoldiers
  • Mushroom Knights: Most powerful footsoldiers


  • Kalos
  • Sapros


  • Dr. Michael
  • Ms. Rita


  • Techno Changers: Morphers for the core TechnoRangers
  • Techno Sword: Standard sidearm sword for the core TechnoRangers
  • Spinzooka: Standard sidearm blaster for the core TechnoRangers
  • Steel Sword: Standard sidearm sword for TechnoSteel


  • Techno Driver: Standard travel bike for the core TechnoRangers
  • Quasar Truck: A monster truck like bike for TechnoSteel


Syber Megazord

TechnoRanger Robo

Halcyon Megazord

TechnoSteel Robo

  • TechnoMax Robo
    • Double Techno Robo
      • TechnoRanger Robo
        • Techno Jet I
        • Techno Tank II
        • Techno Heli III
        • Techno APC IV
        • Techno Cannon Driver V
      • TechnoSteel Robo
        • Techno Buggy
        • Steel Dozer
    • Techno Battleborg


  1. A Techno Beginning
  2. Pentuplity
  3. Best of Five
  4. World of Fools
  5. Trust and Treason Pt. 1
  6. Trist and Treason Pt. 2
  7. Quest for a Leader
  8. The Perfect One
  9. The Dreamworld
  10. Crack in the Brick
  11. Dawn of Destiny
  12. Steel to the Rescue
  13. Test of the Sixth
  14. Baked In, Baked Out
  15. Takeshi's Dillemma
  16. Soul Extractor
  17. In Nowhere
  18. In the Cowboy's Hat
  19. Tooth Mania
  20. The Awful Bite
  21. Squeezy Cheesy
  22. All Hail Knight BakuChi
  23. Disguised in Black
  24. Wanted
  25. Cyber Mania
  26. Laughing Out Loud
  27. The Calming Dawn
  28. The Shutdown Pt. 1
  29. The Shutdown Pt. 2
  30. The Shutdown Pt. 3


  • This is the first Super Sentai series to be based on a Power Rangers series. (PR Syber)
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