Ghost Ranger
Ghost Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad
Colors: Cerulean
Homeworld: None
First Appearance: Claire's Ambitions
Last Appearance: Vehicle Squad Miracle
Number of Episode
Actor: TBA
Ghost Ranger

"Death above from the Underworld! Ghost Ranger!"
—Roll Call

- Ghost Ranger's roll call

The Ghost Ranger is a main villain from Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad the following Hades' defeat.


Upon defeating Hades, Claire betrays the Rangers if she was ruthless enough, reveals her dark side in temporary and becomes the Ghost Ranger after obtains the Blade of Darkness from Chaos Knight. Then Ghost Ranger begins to take over Claire's body and mind as well as making her an vessel and the Emerald Cove with the forces of Demons of Underworld for good. The Rangers manage to escape to their base after Ghost Ranger creates the Dark Domain palace.Claire's Ambitions

Eventually, the Ghost Ranger was confronted by the Rangers in the Dark Domain. As the Rangers questioned her actions, the Ghost Ranger calmly replied that the world would end one way or another and began to solemnly tell about its grim future. Not willing to let this future come to pass despite her efforts, the Ghost Ranger desired to make the city eternal with the sword, but the Rangers are disgusted and refused a world without an end and attacked her. The Ghost Ranger easily repelled the Rangers, before deciding to finish them off as well as demorph them with her shadow, cleaving and seemingly destroyed Jacob's GT Sword's Super mode - Red Mech Battlizer and the sword in the process. Despite beating the Rangers to an inch of their life, the Rangers continued to attack her in vain. However, the Truck Rangers came to rescue the other Rangers and fight the Ghost Ranger. Once Ghost Ranger weakens the Rangers and uses the Blade of Darkness to deliver a final strike into raising the power level. Then again she uses the Blade of Darkness once again to transform herself and split into 5 Zords and in response, then transform into the unstoppable invincible Megazord called Ghost Megazord. The Ghost Ranger challenges Truck Rangers' Truck Brawler Megazord to a duel in order to wound the Rangers. After Ghost Ranger easily weakens the Megazord enough, she slashes the Truck Rangers' Megazord in the head causing the Rangers to evacuate and the Megazord caught in the gigantic explosion destroying the Truck Brawler Megazord permanently. The Vehicle Squad Rangers are only hope to fight the Ghost Ranger, using the Vehicle Squad Ultrazord to battle her after their powers combine together and make it into superpower Ultrazord. The Rangers manage to use the last special attack against on Ghost Ranger and the evil Megazord and makes destruction of the Blade of Darkness. Without Ghost Megazord, the Ghost Ranger is defeated and reverted back to a normal Claire, who was redeemed and reunite the Rangers after she fades away.The Finale

After the Blade of Darkness revives itself and returns, the Ghost Ranger returns and have her revenge on the Vehicle Squad Rangers for humiliation since their last battle and encounter. Vehicle Squad Miracle

Powers and Abilities

As the Ghost Ranger, Claire's High Dark Power have been vastly increased and she can control the forces of the Demons of Underworld to further argument her strength and influence. In this state, she is so powerful that she can beat back opponents like Vehicle Squad Rangers, who have the other team Truck Rangers and had advanced teamwork skills in addition to his normal abilities, without any effort.

The Ghost Ranger possesses impressive senses and reflexes, being able to keep track of Rangers' movements and react according to them.

With her power, the Ghost Ranger is capable of conjuring up impenetrable barriers that can repel enemies with extreme force, agility and teleporting objects. She wields the Ghost Scythe and slash her enemies when they get in her way. She is also able to call forth a physical manifestation of her own shadow in the shape of the Ghost Megazord that she can control at will, which has enough physical strength to cleave through Jacob's Battlizer and heavily injuring the Rangers as well, and has fast enough movements to strike towards the Rangers.

Due to possessing the Blade of Darkness, the Ghost Ranger can as well bestow immortality to anything she desires, making the object in question immortal and everlasting.

The Ghost Ranger can also transform herself into a gigantic Megazord and assume the head version of Chaos Knight called Ghost Megazord. In this form, the Ghost Ranger possesses enough strength to fight on par with Rangers' Vehicle Squad Ultrazord, and has enough physical durability to withstand several sword slashes from Vehicle Squad Ultrazord, the greatest of all sacred swords. She can also, in this form, call upon her magic to form temporarily barriers to protect herself, though they can be broken by the Megazord's attacks, and project energy balls. She has also demonstrated efficient swordsmanship in this form, being able to dual-wield two large swords at once and use them effectively in combat.


The Ghost Ranger is essentially Claire after she betrayed the Rangers. With the Blade of Darkness, Claire has called upon the forces of the Demons of Underworld to spread the blade's immortality-granting magic to the world, and she assumed her evil form the Ghost Ranger in the process. Using her High Dark Power, the Ghost Ranger created the Dark Domain and began enveloping the world in the underworld's forces with her power. She was cunning, devious, obstinate, affectionate, shallow, manipulative, superficial, vain, vengeful, fierce, strong, mean, intelligent, uncaring, sadistic, forward, greedy, sassy, stingy, loathsome, obsequious, power-hungry, arrogant, level-headed, offensive, ruthless, aggressive, evil one who was acting like an evil queen or empress.


Claire was 19-years-old and she was Caucasian-American and has brown hair and green eyes. As in her evil form, she wears teal tank-top, black leather jacket, black jeans, black boots, and teal eye shadow. In her true form, the Ghost Ranger's helmet and suit resemble the Yellow Turbo Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo but her neck is black, armor and heels resemble as based on Artemis from Bomberman 64.

Ghost Ranger




  • She is the first evil Ranger.
  • Ghost Ranger is the main villain to take control of a human.
    • However, Claire is not a real willing host.
  • She is the female Cerulean Ranger.
  • She is the female Cerulean Ranger to be evil.
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