Gender Male
Villain Type Second-in-Command
Species Mayishan Undead
Series Power Rangers: Star Force
Gevlant is Empress Quita's second-in-command.

Character History

Gevlant's brother Tykamor was Quita's original second-in-command until they were sealed away; Gevlant replaced him for his failure to kill Ellikacha. He was one of the first to be reincarnated with his Empress, and he led the first attack on Earth. He and the new Red Ranger fought, but realizing he was outnumbered, Gevlant retreated to warn his Empress.

Gevlant led a few more attacks, and was the one to suggest singling out the Pink Ranger--and that killing her meant she'd be immediately replaced, but forcing her to quit would give them time while her teammates tried to talk her out of it.

After Neckra and Quinta's fight, Gevlant comforted the princess, and offered her a place in his rebellion--the undead had been treating "his people" as slaves for centuries, and he'd only been biding his time. He also helped her finish her punishment. Later, he used this agreement to make her choose Drefel, an old friend of his, for revival.


Gevlant began as a loyal and competent second-in-command, respectfully pointing out flaws and doing as he was told. He's also got a hidden manipulative side, and holds a deep grudge against the undead.

Talents and Abilities

Gevlant wields two katanas, and he can teleport.


Gevlant resembles a knight, but his armor is more streamlined and made of obsidian.