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This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Olympian Force.

The Gemini Megazord is a Megazord in Power Rangers Olympian Force


The Gemini Megazord's components were made over 2000 years ago by Hephaestus, Athena and Ares. Ares and Athena designed the weapons and battle abilities of the Zords while Hephaestus turned their visions into reality. They were designed with Apollo and Artemis in mind, as they were the Olympian Rangers piloting them. When the Olympian put most of their energy into the Olympian Gems, the Raven Zord and Deer Zord were put into a hidden room in the Zord Hanger in the Temple, separate from the others.

The Zords were later reactivated in 2019 when Adrian Thomas and Diana Thomas bonded with their Olympian Gems. They were kept in the hidden room until Adrian and Diana joined the team, in which case they were returned to the main Zord Hanger.


Raven Zord

The Raven Zord is the Zord that corresponds to the Gold Olympian Gems powered by Apollo and is Adrian Thomas' personal Zord. It is mostly gold colored except for its legs being a bronze color and its eyes glowing orange. Its wings are larger than the Owl Zord's and are more proportionally shaped to the Raven Zord's body. They are also slightly curved, creating a kind of u-shape. It has the same single stick control like the Eagle Zord and Owl Zord, with it comparable to the stick a fighter pilot uses in their plane.

Appearances: OF Myths 10, 12-13, 15-16, 18, 23, 25-28, 34-36

Deer Zord

The Deer Zord is the Zord that corresponds to the Silver Olympian Gems powered by Artemis and is Diana Thomas' personal Zord. It is mostly silver except for its glowing green eyes. Its legs, like the Horse Zord's, are multi-jointed and can bend in different angles. It uses the same dual throttle system the Horse Zord and Bull Zord use.

Appearances: OF Myths 10, 12-13, 15-16, 18, 23, 25-28, 34-36

Primary Combinations

Gemini Megazord: Gold Mode

The Deer Zord becomes a more humanoid shape, with it standing on its hind legs, which have folded to become thicker. the arms also fold to become thicker and the Deer's head folds over the body, forming a chestplate. The Raven Zord's wings detach from the main body and the entire Raven Zord slides into the hole left in the Deer Zord. The Raven's head flips up to reveal a face and create a sort of hood. The wings form into a bow and going into the Megazord's left hand. This formation is faster than Silver Mode. Its finisher is the Gemini Arrow, where it charges up a lot of energy into a massive energy arrow that is then fired at the opponent.

Appearances: OF Myths 10, 26, 36

Gemini Megazord: Silver Mode

The Raven Zord bends and folds to become the legs, with the wings forming coverings over the front of the Zord. The Deer Zord's back legs come off before it becomes the upper body of the combination. The back legs reattach to the front legs, now arms, to make them thicker. The Deer Zord's mouth opens to reveal a robot face, creating the appearance of the Megazord being in a pelt of some kind. The covering over the Raven's body come off to create twin scimitars. This form is physically stronger with the larger arms. Its finisher is the Hunter's Fury, where it creates an "X" of silver energy by slashing with its scimitars and launches it at the enemy.

Appearances: OF Myths 12-13, 15, 27-28, 34, 36

Alternate Combinations

Gemini Megazord: Gold Mode with Serpent Power

This formation has the Serpent Zord replacing both arms created from the Deer Zord because it is split in half, with the tail half replacing the left arm and the head half replacing the right arm. It is able to bite enemies with the right head arm and whip them with the left tail arm. It can also fire an energy beam out of the head arm as a finisher: the Serpent Zord Nature Beam.

Appearances: OF Myth 23, 26

Gemini Megazord: Silver Mode with Leopard Power

This formation has the Leopard Zord replace the right arm created from the Deer Zord. The tail is able to grow longer and act as a whip, allowing the Leopard Zord's tail to be used to wrap up enemies so they can't escape. This formation doesn't actually have a finisher, as it was merely used to hold Actaeon in place so the Olympian Megazord: Centaur Mode could take it out with one of its finishers.

Appearances: OF Myth 13


  • The name Gemini comes from the astrological sign and has to do with the two Rangers who pilot it being twins.
  • The Raven Zord was originally a golden ram, but this was changed to match one of Apollo's actual symbolic animals.
  • The Gemini Megazord: Gold Mode is similar to the Manticore Megazord from Mystic Force in that one Zord goes into another, and such was pointed out by a reader. However, this was not intentional.


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