The Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion Arsenal
Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion
Used by: Galaxy Squad Rangers
Special System: Ohman Stones
Ranger Weapon Systems
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Arsenal (Battle Thunder)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Galaxy Squad Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion series page as well as the team page of the Galaxy Squad Rangers.


  • Galaxy Sword: used by Harvey and Ashton mainly, it is later used by Charlie as the Matador Ranger.
  • Dynamite Spear: Tycho's main weapon. Kayla uses it Twice.
  • Wolf Claw: a claw shaped attachment used by Henry and Terrance.
  • Thunder Sickle: a weapon used by the the Nora and Phoebe, the snake themed rangers. Phoebe's blade is purple, and Nora's blue.
  • Thunder Bow: A bow and arrow used mostly by Max, it is sometimes used by Eustus as the Pavo Ranger.
  • Thunder Axe: Billy's Main Weapon. It is used by Tycho against Dornado in Space 21.
  • Thunder Raiper: Despite not being a Thunderman, this is Cornith's main weapon. Billy uses it in Space 21 when Tycho uses the Thunder Axe and Phoebe uses it in Struck in Time.
  • Gun Attachment: The simplest attachment, it is used by Kora, Ageolis, and Charlie.

Hawk Fin Turbo

The Hawk Fin Turbo is a vehicle from the Ursa System. The only two that remain are in the hands of Kayla and Terrance. They are seen during the arc against the Vigot Brothers at Proxima Centari b. They are painted to their corresponding ranger (Cyan and Teal).

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