Future X Series is the series worked by Netzord.

TV Series

Power Rangers: Wizard

The first season and first season was first ever begin in 2012. The motif was magical.

Power Rangers: Go Rescue

The second season was begin in 2013 and 2014 Quendias. The motif was rescue teams.

Power Rangers: SCANNERZ

The third season was begin in 2014. The motif was digital/internet based similar of Denji Sentai Megaranger (Americanized as PR: In Space).

Power Rangers: Wild Charge/Wild SuperCharge

The fourth (as Wild Charge) and fifth (as Wild SuperCharge) season was begin in 2015 and 2017.


Power Rangers: Wizard

Wizard Rangers

Fire Mike Condell
Lightning Sheyla Booth
Sea Jerry Tein
Earth DJ Rocky
Wind Sarah Jenkins
Ice Merle Chambers

Secondary Wizard Rangers

Light Alan
Mist Zenda
Space Ryo James

Power Rangers: Go Rescue

Rescue Rangers

Fire Truck Cole Silen -> Future Cole -> Cole Silen
Lightning Car Sissy Carman
Jet Chaz Mic
Mixer Rad Oric
Ambulance Ms. Polars
Boat Captain Skulkid
Futuristic Truck Future Cole (Cole's future self in Future Earth 2087 years)

Evil Rangers

Ghastly Ranger Cole Silen (controlled by Ghasty Kong until turned back into Rescue Red Ranger)

Power Rangers: SCANNERZ

Dragon Samuel Yuu
Garuda Marth Jackson
Turtle Lila Chan
Giraffe Mick Clouds
Snake Perfrum Beau
Ostrich Ges Parks

Team-Up Rangers

Legend Rangers

Red Neptune Kieran Colburn
Black Cameron Worrall
Blue Sid Katsumoto
Pink Emily Piraino
White Jess Merova
Green Edward J. Nately III (Movie Exclusive)
Yellow Lucy Westenra (Movie Exclusive)

Alcaean Rangers

Ϝ/Green Stuart Worrall
Ⱶ/Red Connor Piraino
И/Yellow Laura Colburn
Ϙ/Blue Fraser Zook
ϡ/White Victoria van Vurran
帝/Pink Hayley Shimazu

Kai Rangers

Fire Aidan Smith
Water Calder Irvin
Air Gail Bluster
Thought Umberto di Savoy
Light Aurora Phoebus
Earth Kun Ila
Sound Melody Souken
Pervader Kalki


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