Formula Mantanblaster is the superweapon built by Norman who combination and resemblance of the highly expensive Highgear Mantanblaster and DJ Burishot. It was originally the prototype superweapon who contained by Samuel Nakaoka the Second before Norman redesigns it into Formula Type Mode who he has a design of Formula Ranger.


Morpher Mode

In order to transform into Formula Type Mode, Norman requires the Formula Type Discs to Samuel Nakaoka and his friends to gains their stronger Super Forms called Formula-Types Modes. Each Formula-Types Modes representing Samuel Nakaoka the Second's past Beast Modes.

DJ Mode

While in DJ Mode, the function used as a enemy-target location or support the Formula-Type Zords. While using the Formula-Type Species Discs, it can video-cam to something suspicious or enemy-target alert.

Blaster Mode

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