Forge Bend is the suburb of Metroburg where the GSA Rangers are based.

Among locations in the city are:

  • Forge Bend High School-Rosa and Austin teach here, ranger attend here, Principal Gregory works here too
  • Falcon Middle-A Middle School in the district attended by a majority of the characters, the other being Lancaster Middle, due to its distance to the Lancaster Parkway.
  • Forge Bend Theatrical Society-a theater group based in an old church
  • Brierwood National Park- a national park full of mountainous terrain near Forge bend where many Megazord fights occur
  • Knott's Berry Farm-an amusement park in the area. it is a real park in California.
  • EnVengance-a Gym where Eustus has Yoga and Gwen dances, some Forge Bend students work and lift here. (The capital V is a Super Sentai easter egg). Colin works here (part time).

Secret Locations