Fo-Ru Sunadokei Kokugenger, or "Fall Hourglass Time Ranger," is the Sentai basis for the story Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass.


A band of evil spirits known as the Akara are attempting to take over the world by possessing humanity.  Several teams of children, born with a special ability called Genzō that allows them to see the Akara, fight them in a massive competition against each other to become the official Kokugengers.



Designation Name
Harlequin Suzume
Saito Rai



  • The Akara
Differences and Similarities Between Adaptations
Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass Fo-Ru Sunadokei Kokugenger
The Rangers were two replacements for a decimated team of Power Rangers, fighting symbiotic aliens throughout time and space. The Kokugengers were dozens of paired teams, all fighting each other for the ability to become true Sentai.
Most of the Rangers were unusual for Rangers in some way; old, clearly alien, inorganic, etc. Most of the Kokugengers were adolescents in their early teens.
The Akra were symbiotic beings who took over others and mind-controlled the universe to match their whims. Their natural form was a blob of bioluminescent tendrils. The Akara were evil spirits who possessed others. Their natural form was intangible and invisible, but those with Genzō could see them as colored auras.
The Harlequin Ranger was a former Akra host who changed sides to atone for what she'd done. Harlequin's mother was pregnant with her when an Akara possessed her; she was born with the ability to communicate with Akara.
Sentai Counterparts
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