USK-Scorpio transformed
Gender Male
Seasons Power Rangers Space Warriors
Villain Type General
Homeworld Phoenix Fire Game
Last Appearance  
Actor Eugene Simon(human form)

Tim Curry(voice)


FlameSting was the antagonist of the Phoenix game that him and Brenda are from, FlameSting can be possessive of things he want, he made a deal with Infareo due to the fact that FlameSting is in love with Brenda. FlameSting is the one who brainwashed her to be with him but she was oblivious to his feelings, he has a hatred for Mateo and had a rivalry with him, he mainly fought Alan however he realised that Brenda means more to him than the incinerators so he plans to get her to join him but this time without brainwashing her. He’s an enemy of the Space Warriors but he doesn’t care about them all he cares is about is getting Brenda back