Eustus MacAlister
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers GSA, Galaxy Squadron Andromeda Orion, Power Rangers Battle Thunder, Power Rangers Hexagon
Colors: Black, Blue, Crimson
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ally 1-Day of Reckoning
Last Appearance: Thunder, Pride, and Era's End (offically)

Daydream (1) (Uncredited)

Number of Episode
18 (GSA)

2 (HD)

14 (GSA.O) 1 Movie

2 (BT) 2 (Hexagon)

1 (CF, uncredited)

Actor: Colin Ford

Eustus MacAlister is the first ranger to wear more than two suits across their tenure since Super Megaforce. He is the first Shogun Black, ASD Blue, and the Quantum Galaxy Ranger/Pavo Ranger.

He is portrayed by Colin Ford who would voice Wallaby in Power Rangers Coaster Force: Lost in the Midnight Mansion.

Character History


Eustus is one of the characters in this series who has lived in the area his whole life, but he has traveled many places in his years, and loved many girls. He became a Boy Ranger with Golden Wings at 16. He has made many friends from this. He is also has a history of being love lorn.

Siding with the Shogun

One of his most recent crushes, seen in Ally 1, is Aryia Quzell. However, when she changes her gender in the middle of Ally 3, he turns his furry on the GSA and swears he'd do anything to regret said choice. It's at this point General Magnator finds Eustus and gives him the Shogun Battler. He shortly after falls in love with TV Studio colleague Gwen Gifro.

When she gets captured by B-roll after going on a film date, he frees her (and B-roll). His skills might have been weak compared to some of the GSA Rangers, but the control from General Magnator ingrained it into him, badly injuring Harvey Rivers in their first duel.

He soon got the Black Mamba zord for his achievement, later stealing the Blue Jay zord in order to fight the GSA Megazord head on.

Changing his heart

Once Ashton finds out Eustus is Shogun Black, she goes over to the EnVengance Gym and talks sense into him. After this, the Black suit starts to crack. In Ally 26, he throws his morpher in the trash. He soon meets Rosa one on one. She ends up giving him a clone of the Gemini Power Rings she gave to the Starner Sisters, making him the team's Blue Ranger.

As ASD Blue

He ends up saving the lives of the other seven rangers when the local LGBT nightclub becomes the target of a terrorist attack. After joining the team, the Shogun begin to pull out all the stops, splinting the rangers hairs. Eustus decides to designate more rangers. Rose chooses Ashton's sister, Eliza, and Bridge Carson to help. Eliza becomes ASD Yellow and Bridge ASD Red.

When the core rangers get transported to Japan, the remaining team must face another monster in Forge Bend. He ends up falling into a coma in a Megazord fight in the Gemini Robo, being put into the cryogenic suspension on the Andromeda Orion while the remaining team set off to find the Ohman Stones.

Becoming the Quantum Ranger

Ava gets Eustus out of Cryogenic suspension in Space 19 as she sees him as very important as Phoebe as become the new Shogun Black. To the benefit, he forgets most of events of the past year (Aryia becoming Ashton, the Thunderman's, who's James' boyfriend?). Captain Marisol awards him an eye patch and the Quantum Stone.

Despite coming to terms with Ashton choices and choosing to allow him live to become the Quantum Ranger, he chose to rather put prophecy before his teammates, which led to him to form a close bond with his successor as Shogun Black. This, however is not expanded upon in the team-ups.

In Revelation, he replaces Ashton as second in command. Along with the remaining rangers (with Charlie in Red), they meet the Lost Rangers, headed by Heckyl.


Eustus, Ashton, and Marisol appeared in Legends and Lust as part of the Time Keepers. Eustus and Ashton would later appear in Hexagon. When Balfour escaped, The Thunderman's went to try and find him. However, he had become human again and was working for Dark Mayhem and the Iron Blade Conference. The GSA and Ursa Rangers helped in vanquishing the faction and restoring the Thunderman's Powers.

In Daydream, Phoebe is playing in

The Galaxy Squad Rangers would later return as part of the 199 Lunar Syndicate.


Shogun Black (I)


Shogun Black



Appearances: Ally 8-14, 18, 21-23, 25+26

ASD Blue


ASD Blue, leader of the ASD Rangers and official 6th ranger in GSA



  • ASD Power RIng
  • Shark Sword

Special Moves

  • Shark Washer
  • Shark Diving
  • Shark Rolling
  • Shark Jaws

Appearances: Ally 30-37, BT 11+12

Pavo Ranger

  • Ohman Stones
    • Pheniox Stone
    • Pavo Stone
  • Pavo Blade
    • Pavo Blade
    • Phoenix Shield
Pavo Ranger

Galaxy Quantum Ranger



  • Milky Way: creates gold dust that allows him to disappear.
  • Supernova: creates a shining light that blinds opponents.
  • Phoenix End: performs a powerful flame slash attack with the Pavo Blade.
  • Bianary Impact: performs a slash attack with the Pavo Blade alongside another ranger
  • All-Star Strike: Preforms a powerful blast with the Pavo Sword
    • Kyuren All-Star Crash: An upgraded version of this finisher with 14 rangers.
    • Ultimate All-Star Crash: An upgraded version of this finisher with the all 16 rangers.
    • Forever 21 in One: An upgraded version of the finisher with the Hexagon, Phantom, and Legendary Rangers

Appearances: Space 21-27, 29-35, Revelation, BT 11+12, Hex 22-23


GSA Episodes:

Ally 1-Day of Reckoning

Ally 3-Day of Desolation

The Blonde in Black (as Shogun Black)

Ally 10-Jetman, No Gou

Ally 11-Full House JAKQ

Ally 12-Gimmie a Lass After Midnight

Tides of Steel, Part 2

Ally 15-Ageolis and the Magic Flute

Ally 17-V-Leauger, The World Series Fixing

Ally 18-A Halloween Homecoming

Ally 21-The Big One on Our Minds

Ally 22-With A Flash

Ally 23-The Shadow Line Special

Ally 24-The White Gemini

Eustus the Changeman

Ally 29-Teenagers with Attitude (Cameo)

Ally 30-The Light in us All (as ASD Blue)

Ally 31-The Lass in Scarlet]

Ally 32-Your Son's and Daughter's

The Wormhole to Japan

Ally 35-The Acts of Sisters

Power Rangers Danger Thunder

Galaxy Squad Episodes:

Space 21-A Soldier Rises from the Ashes (as Quantum Ranger)

Follow me up to Loch

Space 24-Life of the Outlaw

Queer and Thunder

Space 27-Secret of an Icon

Space 28-Tycho's Tail Spin

Space 29-When We Were Young

Space 30-The Metallic Mad-Eye

Space 31-The VR Trooper and the Maid

Fall of the Metallic Assassin

Struck in Time


Power Rangers: Revelation

Legends and Lust

Sixteen and Seven, Forever 21



Behind the Scenes

Eustus is portrayed by Colin Ford. In Kyuranger footage, his suit actor is Yohei Fujita.

In an interview shortly after the announcement he was going to portray Griffin/Gatekeeper, Colby Strong said he had auditioned for this role, but lost it to Ford.


  • The color Blue represents Serenity, and Black represents Inclusion
    • These are two things Eustus seems to have trouble with other the series as he attempts to kill Ashton as Shogun Black and is seen taking Yoga Classes
  • First extra blue ranger to be the only blue ranger in a season
  • First Shark Ranger since Jungle Furry
  • First Blue ranger to be a leader chronologically
    • Even though Go Blue was in GOGOV
  • First ranger to wear an eye patch
  • First confirmed Autistic ranger, followed by Bridge, Eliza, Teddy, Mel, Seamus, Micheal, and Lizzie (Piper)
  • His arc as Shogun Black is based off Tommy from Mighty Morphin (more so Ashton's confrontation in Ally 26), Dr. Nakadai/Trent from Abaranger/Dino Thunder (was a villain in his first team-up [Mikoto Only], Mecha/Zord technicalites), and Misao Mondou from Zyuohger (personality/backstory, ranger color)
  • His last name is similar to RPM's Blue Ranger, Flynn McAllistair
    • Colin Ford also portrayed a character named Joe McAlister in Under the Dome (based off the Stephen King novel of the same name).
      • Interestingly, GSA/Galaxy Squad lives in twisted hybrid of reality and dystopia where its controlled by The Shogun, but the power still flows through different nations.
  • He didn't know Elizabeth was an audio animotronic until Galaxy Squad. He is the only member of both teams to have this distinction
  • He also is very similar to the other red sixth ranger, Eric Myers
    • Both lead teams of their own at one point (Silver Guardians, ASD Rangers)
      • Both are kind of lone wolves with few friends beyond the rangers (probably his colleagues in the Silver Guardians, the Gifro's and TV people)
    • Both have a connection to the red ranger (Wes and Eric are best friends, Harvey was a boy ranger before he was kicked out due to his sexuality issues pre-series)
      • Ironically, when Harvey died, he replaced his successor as leader, only for her to become the leader of A-Squad
    • Both gain powers ups (Mega Battle and Pavo Ranger)
    • Both have darker colors to contrast them from the team leader (Eric has a black background instead of white, Eustus has navy instead of black and silver-as well as a headset)
      • This features makes his helmet look like an Ohman Stone'
  • He has an uncredited appearance in Daydream, meaning Nitro is the series where he doesn't appear

See Also

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    • Naga Ray-Sentai Counterpart (used of the Shogun Battler and dark stones) from Kyuranger
    • Misao Mondou-Sentai Counterpart (as an evil Black Ranger, personality) from Zyuohger
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  • Eric Myers-the first ranger to be called Quantum Ranger, as well as a red colored 6th ranger
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