Beast Green
Gender: Female
Aliases: Ema-chan(by Riki)

Emako-chan(by Kaya, Ryuta) Emako-san(by Akiara)

Season(s): Gao Sentai Beastman
Colors: Green
Homeworld: Earth(Mystical Forest)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Mone Kamishiraishi
Beast Green

Roll Call

The Skill of a Lion! Beast Green!

The Spirit of Empathy! Super Beast Green!

Character History

Emako is a rough and tumble tomboy who lives in the magical forest, her parents died when she was young so she can’t really remember them so she was raised besides Gorou and views him as an older brother.

Emako becomes best friends with Kaya after meeting her before becoming Beastman and the two girls form a sister relationship, unlike Kaya who likes cute things, Emako doesn’t really agree and likes more exhilarating things like climbing and challenges

On the ceremony day Emako accepted her position as Beast Green and joins the fight against the aliens for what they did to her home.


Emako is the youngest and was chosen as a Beastman before Riki, she is 305 years old but has the appearance of a 19 year old

Emako has more determination inside her than the other Beastman

Emako looks up to Gorou and has a sibling bond with him

Emako is a tomboy and enjoys climbing trees due to her connection to the forest coincidentally she has forest civilian powers

She gets along well with Riki due to acting quite similar but actually Emako is best friends with Kaya

Because of her childish nature she is actually unaware of her growing feelings towards Hikari and is unaware that he always had a crush on her.

She is the warrior of empathy due to the lion being the representation of empathy in the Magical Forest.


  • She is the second female lion ranger after Koharu Chiba but she’s the first green ranger to have the lion motif
  • Being a female green ranger who is the love interest of a male black ranger is similar to Rio and Mele from Gekiranger
    • A difference is, while Rio could of possibly had feelings for Mele from the start, they weren’t noticeable until later on, while in Beastman Hikari, the black ranger, is the one member of this pairing to show their feelings first and Emako’s will be more noticeable later on
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