Eliza Quzell
Dove (2)
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers GSA
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ally 12-Gimmie a Lass After Midnight
Last Appearance: Final Chapter-Doom of Gods
Number of Episode
11 (GSA)

2 (GSA.O)

1 (Movies)
1 (LM)

Actor: Dove Cameron
ASD Yellow-pic (2)
ASD Yellow
Beast Hunter

Eliza Quzell is the older sister of Aryia/Ashton Quzell. She is the daughter of Irish Immigrants and briefly became ASD Yellow by creating the ASD Power Rings.

She is, however, most well known and associated with Beast Hunter, a character in the VR Troopers MMO.

She is portrayed by Dove Cameron who was the titular characters of Disney Channel's Liv and Maddie.

Character History


Eliza has always had the dream of being a detective, solving mysteries, the whole 9 yards. She started sharing her love with Aryia early on, but she already knew she wasn't normal. She took that as she had her own gift she kept secret from her own parents, she was Autistic. She knew Aryia was destined to be a man. She finally caved in when another kid in her grade on the spectrum, Eustus MacAlister, kept crushing on Aryia. Her plan backfired, eventually leading to Ashton becoming a ranger and facing him many times.


She debut's in the episode Gimmie a Lass After Midnight, as she does stage crew for the Forge Bend Theatrical Society where the rangers face the video game hero Lady Lisa and Shogun Black during 12 Jurors. She is in attendance with Colin Dax at the homecoming dance. In Ageolis and the Magic Flute, Eliza finds out Ashton is the green ranger and knows she would make a good FBI informant.

She helps her brother with studios in early "GSA Brave" episodes, but goes on a case to see if the rumors of a terrorist group setting its sights on Forge Bend is true. However, she bumps into Eustus and tells him to make Ava a new power ring for him. Eustus joins the GSA Rangers as ASD Blue in the following episode. In The Lass in Scarlet, Ashton approaches Eliza to see if she would like to be a ranger, and promptly accepts. When the core team gets sent to Japan, she and the remaining rangers face a rock monster, Jewldaver. She finally gets to do a special team-up attack with Ashton in her final appearance in The Acts of Sisters.

Galaxy Squad

Despite being a detective, she also secretly is a gamer. She is Beast Hunter in the VR Troopers MMO. She gets to meet the entire Galaxy Squad team as they face Mad-Eye Gellis in the trooper's realm. She would later be able to transform into Beast Hunter outside of the game with a special Dino Charger compatible with the Soul Star Power Gun.

Eliza finally returned as Beast Hunter as part of the 199 Lunar Syndicate with some other VR Troopers.


Eliza has a very above it all mentality, but is very curious such as when she hears the rumors of terrorism afoot in Forge Bend. She is heavily routed in Nancy Drew and Grace O'Malley "Granuaile".


ASD Yellow:



  • Panther Galaxy
  • Panther Claw
  • Panther Clash

Appearances: Ally 30-35

Beast Hunter:

  • Soul Star Power Gun
    • Blaster Mode
    • Cannon Mode

Appearances: Space 31, Revelation, LM 37



  • Like Trini, her sentai counterpart is a male ranger with a cat motif
    • Eliza was a Panther and Trini was a saber-toothed tiger
  • First ranger to be an older sibling to a ranger who is not apart of the same sentai as their younger sibling
    • However, Sun Vulcan is considered the squeal to Denziman
  • Only sentai male yellow ranger to be skirted by default in Power Rangers, this doesn't count Legendary modes appearing in Super Megaforce or Literary Morphers.
  • Only sibling other than Lauren to wear a color that their sibling also does
  • Her second suit, like Shogun Black, comes from an unused suit from an adapted season. In this case, Beast Hunter Zeek-Jeanne.
    • However, Shogun Black came from a film post series, where Beast Hunter was during
  • In Ally 36, she told Ashton she was not a Power Ranger, thus explaining her absence in Hexagon
    • However, she is seen with the Troopers again as part of the 199 Lunar Syndicate, making her have the longest distance between appearances of her castmates (6 years)
  • She is the only female ranger that is on the spectrum to not be an Android
    • Ironically, she replaces a Metal Hero that's a robot
  • She is based off Charlie Landers/Aaron Stone from Brush Kalish's Aaron Stone
    • Both are hiding something from their siblings (Charlie being Aaron Stone and Eliza being a gamer and a fan of the VR Troopers franchise)
    • Both work together at some point (Charlie and Jason's characters are a tag team in game and Eliza and Ashton work together as rangers late in the series, as well as in the VR Troopers special and as part of the 199 Lunar Syndicate)
      • Ironically, she looks like a golden robot, which is Jason's character
        • another Irony is one of Kyuranger's character's was a golden robot, but was replaced by Max Thunderman in show
    • Aaron Stone and Power Rangers GSA/Galaxy Squad are darker and gritter series compared every other series on their respective networks (Disney XD and Nickelodeon), which are mostly comedies and animated series
  • It is ironic she associates herself with the VR Troopers as Ryan, Kaitlin, and JB are good friends with Mayor Rooney, his wife, and nephew Percy who looks similar to Joey Bragg (Joey Rooney on Liv and Maddie, Balfour on The Thunderman's and Power Rangers Hexagon)

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  • Spada-Sentai Counterpart (eldest child of the family and a Yellow Ranger) from Kyuranger