Edelman University
Vital statistics
Type University
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Location New Jersey
Inhabitants 20,000 Students

7,000 staff

Edelman University is a research university in New Jersey anchored by STEM based majors with various science disciplines, 2 medical schools, a TV and Radio station (anchored by the Radio, TV, Film Major), as well as other concepts of the humanities such as history and art.

It was also base of the top secret Kishiryu Project, which led to the formation of the Chivalry Force Rangers.

Known Students

Kishiryu Project

Other students

False Students

  • Biff Steele (Kirnu disguise)

Known Staff

Kishiryu Project

Other Staff


Meeting Locations

  • Quadrangle of Knowledge
  • Geiger Recreation Center
  • Landros Student Center
    • The Nest (entertainment location)
      • Coffee Shop
    • Village Marketplace (food location, many culture-based and classic options)
    • Rowan Ballroom
    • Various offices and meeting rooms
    • Laundry Room
    • Mail Room
    • Game Room
  • Hollybush Mansion
    • "C*A*V*E" (never finished)

Classrooms and Offices

  • Discovery Hall
    • Dr. Kavora's Office (base of Operations)
  • Tyto Hall
    • Academic Success Center
  • Bunce Hall
  • Bianculli Hall
    • 86.9 the Tyto (Radio Station)
    • TNN (Tyto News Network, TV)
  • Observatory Hall
  • Engineering Hall
  • Lee Hall (Business)
  • Gregory Hall (Music)
  • Humanities Building (Art)
  • Hollybush Green House


Freshmen Dorms

  • Cypress Hall (Aelin's Dorm Freshmen Year)
  • Banyan Hall (Gwenyth and Erin's Dorm, Tucker's Dorm Freshmen Year)
  • Palm Hall (Mariana's Dorm)
  • Rose Hall (Samuel, Marcos, Kylo, and Rodrigo's Dorm)
    • Glassworks (on campus buffet option)
    • Coffee/snack shop
    • Mail/printing/copying Room
    • Also has separate study/group meeting rooms
  • M*O*L*E Complex
    • Basketball court

Upperclassmen Dorms

  • 220 On the Boulevard
  • Lindonwald Towers (Aelin and Tucker's Dorm)
    • Honors Tower
  • Townhouses (Tommy and Natalie's Dorm)
  • Percion, AKA "The Watchtower"

Boulevard Locales

  • Welcome Center
  • Cyberspace Comics
  • Tyto Park
  • St. Patrick's Irish Pub
  • Mesa (Mexican food)
  • Samurai (Asian restaurant)
  • Main St. Diner

Off Main Campus Properties


  • Edelmen University is completely based off Rowan University (formerly Glassboro State)-the current institution Lemurseighteen resides
    • Unlike Cal Reef which attempts to borrow from both Rowan, West Chester University, and UC Riverside
    • Since Jean and Ric Edelmen have given so much back to the university as of late, he thought they might as well rename it after themselves (the perfect April Fools joke if I do say so)
    • The fossil park is actually in nearby Sewell, not up near Great Adventure
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