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Ebizo Miyoshi
Combo Black
Gender: Male
Sentai Show: Tajuu Sentai Comboranger
Color: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:
Combo Black
"Arthropod Combination! Combo Black!"
—Combo Black's role call

Ebizo Miyoshi (ミヨシ エビゾ Miyoshi Ebizo?) is somewhat a greedy bounty hunter who is a direct descendant of the famous Japanese warlord and daimyo, Oda Nobunaga. After stealing the Core Medals of one of the Neo-Greeed, he was able to become Combo Black (コンボブラック Konbo Burakku?). As Combo Black, he possesses abilities based on clawed arthropods. 



Combo Black

Bikaso Combo
"Ebi, Kani, Sasori: Bikaso, Bi-Ka-So!"
—Transformation announcement

Bikaso Combo (ビカソコンボ Bikaso Konbo?), also known as the Arthropod Combo (節足動物系コンボ Sessokudoubutsukei Konbo?), is Combo Black's default combination, accessed with the clawed arthropod-based EbiKani, & Sasori Core Medals. 

In this form, Combo Black is primarily a close-range brawler, capable of dealing fast but powerful blows while boasting exceptional agility & evasion. Its armor consists of a sturdy exoskeleton on top of flexible body tissues, providing shock absorption as well as defense. Though it isn't explicitly linked to an element, it may be intended to be metal-elemental, as evidenced by the metallic "clang" sound during its transformation song.

The Ebi Head (エビヘッド Ebi Heddo?, lit. 'Shrimp Head') possesses grid-like compound eyes that give almost 360° dynamic vision, while the antennae can detect even the faintest of sounds, allowing Combo Black to hear sounds up to 10 kilometers away if he concentrates. The flaps on either side of the face function like reactive armor, repelling impacts in a chosen direction.

The Kani Arms (カニアーム Kani Āmu?, lit. 'Crab Arms') give Combo Black jagged pincer claws called the Kani Scissors (カニシザース Kani Shizāsu?, lit. 'Crab Scissors'), which can be used for both striking & grappling attacks. The external surface of the Scissors is extremely hard, allowing them to be used as makeshift shields.

The Sasori Legs (サソリレッグ Sasori Rēggu?, lit. 'Scorpion Legs') take advantage of Combo Black's light weight by giving him quick footwork. The scorpion reliefs on the knees feature small scissors which enhance the power of Combo Black's knee kicks, while the Sasori Ankle Toes (サソリアンクルトゥ Sasori Ankuru Tou?, lit. 'Scorpion Ankle Toe') on the feet allow him to inject enemies with a poisonous liquid that paralyzes their nervous system.

This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Bikaso Splash (ビカソスプラッシュ Bikaso Supurasshu?), a rapid-fire barrage of punches. It also possesses two special attacks:

  • Clamping Crush (クランピングクラッシュ Kuranpingu Kurasshu?): Combo Black grapples the enemy with the Kani Scissors, crushing them with up to 1 billion Newtons of force.
  • Turning Scorpion (ターニングスコーピオン Tāningu Sukōpion?): Combo Black performs a turn knee kick, grabbing the enemy with his knee scissors, & follows up with a high kick.

As with Combo Violet & Combo Orange, it is currently unknown if Combo Black's Core Medals can be used for Random Combos. 


  • Combo Changer
  • Medajaribur
  • Kani Scissors


  • Ridevendor


  • Combo Bikaso - Combo Black's main clawed arthropod-themed Combo Robo. 
    • Ebi Candroid - Combo Black's shrimp-themed Candroid; forms the head of Combo Bikaso. 
    • Kani Candroid - Combo Black's crab-themed Candroid; forms the arms of Combo Bikaso. 
    • Sasori Candroid - Combo Black's scorpion-themed Candroid; forms the legs of Combo Bikaso. 


  • He is the only Comboranger to not have a Greeed partner, as he stole the black Core Medals from one of the Neo-Greeed. 
  • Like Combo White, Combo Black is based on a Combo that did not appear in Kamen Rider OOO, as OOO's Bikaso Combo is exclusive to the Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Complete Set.