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Drake Langston (Kyan)
Mage Racer Silver
Shade Racer Silver
Gender: Male
Seasons: Power Rangers Mage Racers
Colors: Silver
Homeworld: Crystalia
First Appearance: Silver Drill Wonder
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
TBA (Mage Racers)
Actor: Nick Robinson
Mage Racer Silver
Shade Racer Silver

MSK-Kiramai Silver Roll Call


"Shining Drill! Mage Racer Silver!"
—Roll Call[src]

Drake Langston, born Kyan is Mage Racer Silver, the 6th ranger and Silver Ranger of the Mage Race Rangers. He is also the younger brother of Princess Crystia, the son of King Gemasto, and the nephew of Dark Moon.


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Drake is shown to be rather carefree about most things, to a point where it is a wonder if he takes anything seriously. However, he shows a more serious side when in battle or in front of his sister. He is also a very strong and capable fighter.


Super Strength

Assumedly due to his alien origin, Drake is shown to be much stronger than most humans. Most notably, he is able to effortlessly carry an injured Kayla on his back and was able to stop two speeding dump trucks with his bare hands.


Mage Racer Silver


Mage Racer Silver

"(Rock music) Mage Racer Silver!"
—Transformation Announcement[src]




  • Drill Beam: Mage Racer Silver charges the Mage Driller and shoots with a massive silver drill beam towards the enemy.

Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 12 -


Shade Racer Silver

"(Dark Rock music) (Evil Laugh)"
—Transformation announcement[src]

After being merged by the Dark Monstone, he was brainwashed into the evil ranger form called Shade Racer Silver. The suit is the same except it has red eyes on the visor and a black sash.


Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 18

MSK-Shining Kiramaistone
Kyanite Magine Stone
Length: 10.5 m
Width: 16.3 m
Height: 11.3 m
Weight: 300 tons
Power: 1,500,000
First Episode: Treasure of the Inn
"(Rock music) Magine Power!"
—Kyanite Magine Stone transformation sound[src]

Mage Racer Silver can also change into a Magine Stone. Known as the Kyanite Magine Stone, in this form, he can combine with the Mage Driller Zord into the Mage Drill Megazord, which essentially gives his mind a bigger body to control.

Appearances: Mage Racers Episodes 17-


Drake is portrayed by Nick Robinson.


  • His birth name, Kyan, comes from the gemstone Kyanite, which is the type of gemstone he turns into when he prepares to combine with the Mage Driller Zord.


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