Drago Gosei Great Megazord
TSG Exotic Gosei Great
Number of Zords 9
Zords </br>
  • Gosei Dragon Mechazord
  • Gosei Phoenix Mechazord
  • Gosei Snake Mechazord
  • Gosei Tiger Mechazord
  • Gosei Shark Mechazord
  • Aqua Drago Zord
  • Purple Drago Zord
  • Orange Drago Zord
  • Chartreuse Drago Zord
Length 25.5 m
Width 33.5 m
Height 50.2 m
Weight 2520 t
Speed 160 km/h
Power 13,000,000
Series Power Rangers Corsair Thunder

The Drago Gosei Great Megazord is an advanced form of the Gosei Great, formed by the addition of the Drago Brothers Zords. This combination was first used on Radox after Troy gained use of his Drago Battlizer.

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