Dino UltraCharge Morpher (Dino UltraCharge)
Dino UltraCharge Morpher
Power Rangers Dino UltraCharge (Starlina's Version)
Used by: Dino UltraCharge Rangers
Special System: Dino Ultra Chargers

Dino Ultra Charger Ready!, Energize!, Unleash The Power!

The Dino UltraCharge Morpher is the dual morphing transformation device/standard issue firearm of all of the Dino UltraCharge Power Rangers.


To transform by shouting "It's Morphin Time! Dino UltraCharger, Ready!", the Ranger inserts the activated Dino Charger into one of the holes in the mouth of the Morpher. Once the mouth is pressed down, the user spins the barrel by shouting "Energize!", energizing the charger and raising the morpher up. The user pulls the trigger by shouting "Unleash the Power!" and shoots into the air, forming a construct of their Dino Charge Zord's head, which flies around the Dino Charge Ranger unleashing the power, then stops behind them and "chomps" once, forming the suit, with a second one to form the helmet. The Dino Charge Ranger needs to eject/remove his/her used Dino Charger from the morpher if he/she wants to cancel the transformation.

Additional Accessories

When the cylinder is spun again after transforming, the Ranger shouts "Energize!", allowing himself/herself to fire the Dino Ultra Morpher Blast" attack while the Charger is inside. If a second Dino UltraCharger is inserted into the Dino UltraCharge Morpher allowing the Ranger himself/herself to fire a stronger version of the Dino Ultra Morpher Blast.

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