DinoDino Knight Morpher
Ryuusou Changer
Season: Dino Knights
Used by: Dino Knight Rangers
Special System: Dino Armors
Production Order
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The Dino Knight Morpher is the transformation brace device of the Dino Knight Rangers.


Morphing Sequence

To morph, a Dino Knight Ranger inserts a Dino Armor into the back of the dinosaur’s head. The Dino Knight Ranger then flips the metal mouth part 360 degrees counter-clockwise so that it becomes the Morpher's helmet.

During standby, a large manifestation of the user's Dino Armor in knight mode appears before him/her, "crashing" onto the body to form the suit. Also during standby, a manifestation of the user's respective Dino KnightZord partner is seen behind them.


To summon a Dino KnightZord, a Dino Knight Ranger presses the red button underneath the dinosaur head.


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