Dino Charge Morpher

The Dino Charge Morpher is the modern Dino Charge Rangers' transformation device and firearm weapon. By shouting "Dino Charge!" , their totem Saurus Batteries is inserted into the "mouthpiece" of the gun, then the Dino Charge Rangers transform by shouting "Dino Morphin’!" ,then spin the cylinder and shoots into the air, forming a energy construct of their totem Zord head, which fly around their Ranger, then stops behind them and "chomps" once, forming the suit, with a second one to form the helmet. To de-transform, a Ranger needs to eject his/her used Dino Chargers. When spinning the cylinder on their right arm, the Dino Charge Rangers enter "Battle Mode" ,summoning their personal weapons as well as spiked arm guards. When the Gray CephalaZord Dino Chargers is inserted, it will activate the Iron Ball Ultimate Attack. When the Cyan AnkyloZord Dino Chargers is inserted, it will activate the Hammer Ultimate Attack.


Transformation Gun Giga Gaburevolver

Titan Brachio Changer

The Dino Charge Changers were created by Dr. Preston (Purple Dino Charge Ranger) and are used by the five modern day Dino Charge Rangers, as well as Purple Dino Charge Ranger himself. Avian (Silver Dino Charge Ranger) also possesses a Dino Charge Changer, which has a red/blue color scheme known as the Titan Brachio Changer. The older Dino Charge Rangers, Carlos (Cyan Dino Charge Ranger) from spanish Reconquista and Wu Jee (Gray Dino Charge Ranger) from 6th century China, who are now Ghost Rangers, can transform by holding up their partner Zord Saurus Batteries and saying "Ghost Dino Charge!". Patrick McDowell (Gold Dino Charge Ranger), the Sixth Hero of the Dino Charge Rangers, transforms using a different device called the Ptera Morpher. Dark Dino Charge Ranger has no changer whatsoever, as he is an Emoneytion monster that was given fake Ranger powers.

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