Degrassi Rangers Wild Force
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: Call of the Wild
Last episode: ?
Intro: Degrassi Rangers Wild Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Gaoranger
Original airing: Unknown
Author: Man in the Shadows
Production Order
This is based from Power Rangers Wild Force.


One thousand years ago, a war raged between humans and the demonic Org race. With the help of the Wild Zord, the ancient warriors were able to defeat the Org's leader, Hyakkimaru, and seal the Orgs.

Today, the Orgs have begun to revive, and five warriors have been chosen by the Wild Zords . They must abandon their current lives and become the new generation of Wildrangers to protect the life of Earth.



Gaoranger Emblems by Domafox

Wildforce Animals

Ranger Name Actor
Lion Peter Stone Jamie Johnston
Eagle Jane Vaugn Paula Brancati
Shark Sav Bhandari Raymond Ablack
Bison Danny Vhanzant Dalmar Abuzied
Tiger Mia Jones Nina Dobrev


  • To be added


  • Master Org
  • Jindrax
  • Toxica
  • Putrids
  • Monster Orgs


Growl Phone: Morpher of the Wild Force Rangers; with miniature robot or animal modes.

Lunar Caller: Morpher of the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Crystal Saber & Power Animal Crystals

Weapons: Personal weapons used by the Rangers (White Tiger Baton, Golden Eagle Sword, Black Bison Axe, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Red Lion Fang); can combine into Jungle Sword for the "Savage Slash" attack.

Animarium Armor: The Red Ranger's Battlizer granted to him by the Falcon Zord. It allows him to fly, form a shield from the wings, and fire energy blasts.

Savage Cycles: Motorcycles given to the Wild Force Rangers by their Wild Zords.

Wild Force Rider: Motorcycle given to the Red Ranger by Animus to replace his destroyed Savage Cycle.


Wild Zords

  • Red Lion (Peter)
  • Eagle Zord (Jane)
  • Shark Zord (Sav)
  • Bison Zord (Danny)
  • White Tiger Zord (Mia)


1: Call of the Wild

( The setting is a dark cave-like room. There is a man in tattered clothing who he has a horn like a demon's and eyes like the devil. He seems to be conjuring dark energy.)

Master Org: Now! Come my soldiers of darkness!

(He zaps Dark Lightning at, what seems to be demonic statue's mouth. The statue lights up it's eyes and spits a horn out.)

Master Org: Yes, now my plan shall go underway.

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