David Bianculli
Gender: Male
Ally Type College Professor (formerly)

Radio Personality Blog owner

Age Was in college when SNL premiered
Season(s) Power Rangers Chivalry Force, Power Rangers Shining Spirits (Thrills United)
Homeworld Earth
First Appearance The Ballad of Biff Steele (sole physical appearance)
Last Full Appearance I Saw Three Crystals (voice only)
Number of Appearances 2
Actor himself

David Bianculli is an American TV critic, columnist, radio personality, non-fiction author and former Edelman University professor. He was the host of Tree Phear and is the special guest star of the episode The Ballad of Biff Steele.

Bianculli began his career of TV criticism with the premiere of Saturday Night Live. He appeared in the CNN documentaries on TV History. He is the founder of

His son, Mark is the creator and executive producer of Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.

Character History

Chivalry Force

After retiring from his teaching duties, Bianculli began to have negative emotions due to not being in the classroom anymore. He got contracted by Shoelien, creating Tree Phear, which was sending out a radio signal that was disrupting the region. The 4 Manticore Squad members were seemingly not affected.

Gwen and Rodrigo went to find him while Samuel and Kim went to protect the egg.

They found him with Shoelien in the hydroelectric plant. Their rescue plan only made him feed Tree Phear even more, but Sam and Kim had been able to foil Kirnu's plan, with Tree Phear being defeated by Petradon Megazord.

Shining Spirits

At some point (before or after the above events) he added Thrills United Regional Rep Maddie as a blogger for

He was being interviewed by a Portland radio station when Paul witnessed a flat bed hauling a steamroller and a forklift crash on I-5.


David is someone who can lighten up any mood, even in the worst of times. He is an expert when it comes to the best in television and is compared to the (by SS 19) late Ed Hart by Maddie.



  • He is also known for his Hawaiian shirt collection
  • His book on The Smothers Brothers was optioned by George Clooney and Sony Pictures. It is possible that Bianculli might discuss this on the radio interview at the beginning of I Saw Three Crystals

See Also

  • Man with the trumpet-Sentai Counterpart (as the host of Tree Phear) from Ryusoulger
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