Dark Power (ダルク・パワー) was the power of the United Alliance of Evil.

Alpha 5, Telissa, Rita, and Zedd were contaminated with Dark Power at various points in time.

It appears as black lightning in its normal state, but it could take on different forms depending on its user. For instance when Alpha 5 was brainwashed to serve Zedd and Rita, it appeared as crackling black electricity and black smoke. When Rita and Zedd used it to create monsters or cast spells, it took on the forms of both red and white electricity, respectively. Almost all of the members of the UAE, including Alpha 5, controlled Dark Power in its natural lightning state. Thanks to his corruption and being manipulated into wanting to do away with the Rangers, however, Alpha's control over it was the strongest.

The Dark Crystal, Zedd's power source, continually grows in strength with Dark Power.

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