Dairiki Sentai Denranger
Number 47
Number of episodes: 52
First episode: Ep. 1: Let's Fight! The Denrangers Are Here!!!!!!
Last episode: Final Ep: Farewell, Denrangers
Intro: Dairiki Sentai Denranger/Theme Song
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Production Order
Shinjyu Sentia Taiyoman
Nijijyu Sentai Ultimateman
Dairiki Sentai Denranger (Great-Powered Squadron Electroranger) is the 47th series in the Super Series series.




Color Role Actor
Den Red Kenjuro Seido
Den Yellow Rena Marubashi
Den Silver Hatayo Ichikigen
Den Blue Hassei Kikayoshi
Den Cyan Miyoko Seido
Den Crimson Dennosuke Seido
Den Green Mai


Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


Heartless Invasion Party War Kingdom Empire Armada Demonken

  • Grand Supreme Heartless War Emperor King Boruten (4-52)
  • Grand Supreme Heartless War Empress Queen Doramei (4-52)
  • Grand Supreme Heartless War Prince Borukuzai (1-46)
  • Grand Supreme Heartless War Princess Doramosei (1-47)
  • Grand Heartless Lieutenant General Korakiller/Heartless Monster Lieutenant General Korakenkiller (1-30, 44-49)
  • Grand Heartless Lieutenant General Gengu/Heartless Monster Lieutenant General Gengugoblin (31-42)
  • Grand Heartless Lieutenant Commander Kokill/Heartless Monster Lieutenant Commander Kokillkiller (1-38)
  • Supreme Heartless Scientist Dr. Kudemon (1-50)
  • Heartless Monster Armada Lieutenant Otorokusugeki (12-25)
  • Jukkajira/Metaljira (1-52)

Minor Demonken

  • Kuororo of the Kappa (1, Denranger the Movie)
  • Enrakugen of the Minotaur (2, Denranger the Movie)
  • Ushizaidoron of the Sphinx (3)
  • Gaikau of the Lamp/Metal Gaikau of the Lamp (4-5, Denranger the Movie)
  • Mosei of the Gorgon (4-5, Denranger the Movie)
  • Batsuredor of the Vampire (6, Denranger the Movie)
  • Rigumushamon of the Mummy (7, Denranger the Movie)
  • Skelemaru of the Skeleton (8, Denranger the Movie)
  • Quakebaano of the Camera (9, Denranger the Movie)
  • Zaimoss of the Hammer (10)
  • Barakonda of the Computer (11, Denranger the Movie)
  • Goudoku of the Vacuum (12, Denranger the Movie)
  • Namiagami of the Jack-in-the-Box (13, Denranger the Movie)
  • Okakuademon of the Dollhouse (14)
  • Isagigomori of the Chair/Metal Isagigomori of the Chair (15-16, Denrager the Movie)
  • Isagiguseki of the Table/Metal Isagiguseki of the Table (15-16, Denranger the Movie)
  • Onioyappa of the Billiard (17, Denranger the Movie)
  • Homurabakuto of the Paper (18)
  • Girikirizeishin of the Meteor/Metal Girikirizeishin of the Meteor (19-20, Denranger the Movie)
  • Kirigirizeishin of the Meteor/Metal Kirigiruzeishin of the Meteor (19-20, Denranger the Movie)
  • Demebakushi of the Gnome/Metal Demebakushi of the Gnome (21)
  • Zeripakuro of the Pirate/Metal Zeripakuro of the Pirate/Supreme Zeripakuro of the Pirate (Denranger the Movie)
  • Robobeta Mark I (Denranger the Movie)
  • Zolkawazugin of the Tank/Metal Zolkawazugin of the Tank (22-23)
  • Gairando of the Nightmare/Metal Gairando of the Nightmare (24-25)
  • Bonmin of the Samurai/Metal Bonmin of the Samurai (26)
  • Hyakkibotchi of the Mummy (27)
  • Robozeta Mark I (28)
  • Umifuhofu of the Gangster (29)
  • Robozeta Mark II (30-31)
  • Karabohyon of the Ninja/Metal Karabohyon of the Ninja (32)
  • Robobeta Mark II (33-34)
  • Robozeta Mark III (35)
  • Nekowarawagami of the Chainsaw (36)
  • Nekowarawakada of the Chainsaw (36-37)
  • Robobeta Mark III (37)
  • Robozeta Mark IV (38-39)
  • Kodostein of the Engine/Metal Kodostein of the Engine (40)
  • Horonyaku of the Supernova/Metal Horonyaku of the Supernova (41-42)
  • Robozeta Mark V (41-42)
  • Chuubiijo of the Fusion Demonken (Denranger vs. Taiyoman the Movie)
  • Robozeta Enter (Denranger vs. Taiyoman the Movie)
  • Robobeta Enter (Denranger vs. Taiyoman the Movie)
  • Robobeta Mark IV (43)


Dairiki Titans Systems


  1. Let's Fight! The Denrangers Are Here!!!!!!
  2. The Emperor and Empress of Demonken, Arrives!
  3. The True Monsterious Form of Korakiller!
  4. The Most Fateful Showdown
  5. What?! The Fearsome Vengeing Return of Korakiller!!!

Movies & Specials

  • Dairiki Sentai Denranger: The Movie: The Quest for the Long Forgotten Dairiki Titan! - Set between Ep. 21 and 22.
  • Dairiki Sentai Denranger vs. Shinjyu Sentai Taiyoman: Clash of the Sentai Teams!! - Set between Ep. 42 and 43.
  • Dairiki Sentai Denranger & Kamen Rider: ??? Spring Vacation Break
  • Dairiki Sentai Denranger Special DVD: Den Red vs. Den Red?!

Video Game

  • Dairiki Sentai Denranger
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