Daikaiju Sentai Gojiranger
Number: 1
Number of episodes: 60
First episode: The Mysterious Island
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers: Kaiju Force
Original airing: 2017
Author: Joejira
Production Order

Ken no Masuta Sentai Exaliberngers

Daikaiju Sentai Gojiranger (大怪獣戦隊ゴジラレンジャー) is a Sentai series by Joejira. It features a team based on kaijus from the Godzilla franchise along with other Kaiju films. It is a sister show to Joejira's other work Kamen Rider Digi.


The series starts when 4 friends shipwreck on Infant Island and are taken to a special temple that hold 5 sacred coins used to summon guardian beasts. Each one representing a monster from the Godzilla series. There we meet the Shobijin, Lora and Moll, as they tell the story of how the group that wielded these coins centuries ago to protect the Earth from many alien races that attempted to take over the world. Now, they are uniting together as the Eirian Alliance to try again and it is up to them and an island native to save the earth like their predecessors did before.


Ranger Kaiju Name
Gojira Ranger Godzilla Haruo Honda
Mosura Ranger Mothra Yuki
Radon Ranger Rodan Shou Serizawa
Angirasu Ranger Anguirus Chusuke Ifukube
Shisa Ranger King Caesar Nami Azumi
Baran Ranger Varan Goro Maki
Baragon Ranger Baragon Diga Katagiri
Gorosaurusu Ranger Gorosaurus Ayaka Kochi
Batora Ranger Battra Miyako
Manda Ranger Manda Mizu
Gamera Ranger Gamera Yaja
Mekagojira Ranger Mechagodzilla Kenpachiro Kageyama
Jira Ranger Zilla Steve Tayler
Supesugojira Ranger Spacegodzilla Tsutomu Takarada
Kongu Ranger King Kong C'Kalla


  • Shobijin
    Mothra Fairy

    The Shobijin

    • Lora
    • Moll
  • Jet Jaguar: a robot created by Shou to help when need in a Kaiju fight.
  • Moguera: giant robot created by the Mysterians to destroy the Godzilla mech but gained sentiance and joined the team.
  • Ken no Masuta Sentai Exaliberngers
Red King Asa
Blue Knight Rance
Yellow Queen Guen
  • The "Digi" Riders
Rider Host Digimon
Kamen Rider Agu Taichi Kamiya Agumon
Kamen Rider Gabu Yamato Ishida Gabumon
Kamen Rider Biyo Sora Takenouchi Biyomon
Kamen Rider Pal Mimi Tachikawa Palmon
Kamen Rider Tento Koushiro Izumi Tentomon
Kamen Rider Goma Joe Kido Gomamon
Kamen Rider Pata Takeru Takaishi Patamon
Kamen Rider Gato Kari Kamiya Gatomon
Kamen Rider Vee Davis Motomiya Veemon
Kamen Rider Hawk Yolei Inoue Hawkmon
Kamen Rider Armadillo Cody Hida Armadillomon
Kamen Rider Worm Ken Ichijouji Wormmon
Kamen Rider Meicoo Meiko Mochizuki Meicoomon


  • Eirian Alliance
    • Xiliens
    • Millenians
    • Simians
    • Nebulans
    • Mysterians
    • Vortaak
  • Daimajin


Transformation Devices

  • Guardian Beast Sliders


  • Gojira Mech
  • Mosura Mech
  • Radon Mech
  • Angirasu Mech
  • Shisa Mech
  • Baran Mech
  • Baragon Mech
  • Gorosaurusu Mech
  • Batora Mech
  • Manda Mech
  • Gamera Mech
  • Mekagojira Mech
  • Jira Mech
  • Supesugojira Mech
  • Kongu Mech
  • Jet Jaguar

Episodes, Movies, & Specials

Besides the 60 episodes Gojiranger had many films and specials including


  • This series is unique in that the robots don't combine into one
  • Another unique thing is that the colors don't follow the usual Sentai roles. Gojira Ranger being Dark Grey instead of Red, which is Rodan's color.
  • Some of the team members last names are references to the Godzilla series.
  • Some of the music is from the works of Akira Ifukube's music from the Godzilla series

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