DECA 283
Gender: Female Robot Programming
Ally Type Machine
Season(s) Power Rangers Space Patrol
Homeworld KO-35
First Appearance TBA
Last Full Appearance TBA
Number of Appearances TBA (Space Patrol)
TBA (Movies)

DECA 283 is the onboard computer aboard the SS Explorer who also inhibits a Type 283 general purpose android body. She is the initial commander of the SS Explorer.

Character History


DECA 283 was constructed by Space Patrol Beta on KO-35 to serve as secretary to commander Ryu Draco and pilot of the SS Explorer.


DECA's shown to be serious and short-tempered, as shown as when she hit Ryu Draco because of him thinking about new reply words instead of Ranger safety. She is also shown to be brave, as she delivered the Gemini Orb to Takeo while in the battlefield.

Powers and Abilities

Android Physiology
As an android, she has shown the following superhuman abilities:
Heat Resistance
As an android, she cannot be dehydrated, and can still function normally under the extreme heat when the Explorer approaches the Sun while the organic members of the Explorer's crew are weakened by heat to the point of being immobilized.
Space Adaptation
She doesn't need any life support equipment when spacewalking outside of Orion.

Behind the Scenes

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