Cyan AnkyloZord
Number: 7
Pilot: Cyan Dino Charge Ranger
Length (Normal) 36.4 m
(Battle Mode) 45.2 m m
Width 18.4 m m
Height (Normal) 18.0 m
(Battle Mode) 16.7 m m
Weight 1000 tons t
Speed 200 km/h
Power 400
Season Dino Charge

Zord #7 Cyan AnkyloZord is a cyan Ankylosaurus that is normally hidden underground in a quarry until summoned. Originally forming a pact with Carlos during Spanish Reconquista, Cyan AnkyloZord battled BioHaz before being possessed by the monster until Sadie tricks him out of it. When Cyan AnkyloZord enters its Battle Mode, its tail becomes a hammer. When Cyan AnkyloZord substitutes an arm in any of Dino Charge Megazord, Ptera Megazord, or Plesio Megazord combination arms the robot with the Ankylo Hammer. A combination in tandem with Pink TriceraZord results in a "Hammer" combination.

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